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Valentines Special- 5 Things You Should Not Gift To Your Girlfriend

By: Pinki Sun, 11 Feb 2018 09:57:41

Valentines Special- 5 Things You Should Not Gift To Your Girlfriend

Gifts are always a tricky affair, but if you want to make no mistakes this time around, here are 5 things you should never get your girl. Girls often like a whole slew of things from apparel to shoes to bags to makeup. But for men, it can be hard to tell why one item is something she’d rave about and why another similar item is something she’d never buy in a million years.

* Clothes and shoes

Your girl may love combing through shops in the mall just to find the perfect dress or the perfect pair of dressy flats. However, how the clothes and shoes look is just one part of the story, you also have to consider how comfortable they are when she’s wearing them.

* Lingerie

Yes, she may be a sight to see when she’s wearing that black lace teddy to bed. But are you sure about her size and her measurements? Did you know that there are some discrepancies among stores about what constitutes as a B-cup or a C-cup? If you have no idea what her size is, you’d probably end up getting her something that’s not completely comfortable.

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* Cleaning and cooking supplies

Unless she specifically asks for one of those hovering cleaner things or a specialized gadget for cooking, these items are a no-no. Getting her something related to chores would just make her think that you’re seeing her only in a domestic light, with no other interests. In addition, you might just end up reminding her of what chores she needs to get done, even if it’s her birthday!

* Prepackaged jewelry

You know one of those sale baskets that have tons of little trinkets for half the price? She probably knows about them. Getting her something that feels like it’s an afterthought before you left the shop can actually do more harm than good. It shows that you didn’t put too much thought into your gift, and you therefore don’t really care all that much about her either.

* Something YOU want

Sure, you can both benefit from a brand new flat screen TV, a new console or a ton of new video games. But is this something SHE wants or is it something that you want but she can enjoy too?

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