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Valentines Special- Different Colors Of Teddy And Their Importance

By: Sandeep Sat, 10 Feb 2018 10:45:57

Valentines Special- Different Colors of Teddy and Their Importance

Coming down to the fourth day of the Valentine week, here comes the Teddy Day (February 10). After sharing sweet memories with chocolates, now it’s time to celebrate your love with a cuddle. A cute and cuddly teddy bear is a favorite among girls, so buying something that will make her go, ‘aww…’ if your best bet. Stuffed with love and affection, let these teddies express your feelings this Teddy Day. But be sure you pick the right one as different types of teddies signify different things. We’ve made it easier for you to convey your feelings through these cuddly toys based on the different colors and their significance. Here are the different meanings associated with different teddies:

* Blue Teddy

This teddy says your love is deep. This royal colour is associated with the sky and sea and symbolises depth, intelligence, truth, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability and trust.

* Green Teddy

With this one, you convey, ‘I’m waiting for you’.This teddy symbolises growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. It carries strong emotional connection with it.

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* Red Teddy

Red has always been the colour of love and passion. Gifting a red Teddy automatically fills the air with love and romance.

* Black Teddy

Don’t gift this teddy to your loved one on Teddy Day! Though if you have already proposed to someone and the person gifts you a black teddy, it unfortunately means they are politely declining your feelings.

* Pink Teddy

If you ask someone out and they gift you a pink teddy though, realise that you’re officially dating now!

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