10 Easy Tricks To Add Tadka To Your Food

By: Sandeep Thu, 07 Dec 2017 12:19:56

10 Easy Tricks To Add Tadka To Your Food

Indeed, a middle class classmate does not have enough time to take a break from the work of the house and do something different. If you are facing some similar similarity then now you do not need to worry anymore. By the way, each recipe is different. Regardless of this, we are talking to you some such secret, from which you will be able to make delicious and tasty food in the same time and effort. If you eat the same taste every day, you become bored with such food. You also work hard to change the taste of food, but you can not get the test you want. Sometimes there is a shortage of food, so sometimes the food is saved. In such a situation, if the help of tips is easier, then the cooking and cooking work can be made easier. So let's know about some home kitchen tips.

* If you want to add sour to vegetable, then add it only after the vegetable is cooked. If you add it early, souring will take more time to cook.

* While boiling the vegetables if you add some salt, the veggies will not leave its color and will even taste good after being cooked. And if you want to keep the color natural even after being cooked, then add some sugar in it.

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* To keep the ghee fresh for a long time, put one piece jaggery and one piece rock salt in it.

* If the milk or kheer burns, then adding 2-3 paan leaves, it will remove the scent of burning.

* While making lentils, put one spoonful of ghee with water to prevent frying out of lentil and pulse. Keeping a wooden spoon or reflex on the utensil will not spill the pulses.

* Put the chapatis in a clean cloth and put it in the air-tight container or put it in the pressure cooker and cook it till it comes to 2 vessels. And you can always serve stale roti by making it fresh this way.

* Whether you are going to make any vegetable, firstly, fry it in a little oil. This process will not take much time and will add a special touch.

* After making the vegetable or pulses, add finely chopped coriander in it. Families of the house often enjoy the taste of coriander.

* Always make thin chapatis.

* When you wrap the wheat flour to make it complete, add 1 spoonful of Rava and a little bit of rice flour.

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