9 Best Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

By: Kratika Thu, 22 Apr 2021 4:35 PM

9 Best Things To Do When You are Stuck at Home

Are you staying home more than you’d like? Check out these top things to do when you’re stuck at home. Beat the boredom while keeping safe.

2020 was, well, all a little bit ‘meh’. At first, you think “okay, see the positives, time to chill at home.” When that time turns into weeks and then months, the novelty is well and truly over! You’re forced to admit a total and utter state of boredom, and you are desperately searching for new things to do when you’re stuck at home.

Nobody could have ever expected that our lives would be put on hold in the way that they have. While we wait for normality to be restored, it looks like we’re going to be stuck at home for a little while longer.

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# Sort out your wardrobe

Yes, it might sound obvious but it’s one of those things that we put off until it reaches the point where you can’t fit anything else inside. There are likely to be countless outfits in that closet of yours which no longer fit, have never seen the light of day, or went out of fashion in 2008.

Take everything out, throw it down on the bed, and work through each item one by one. If it hasn’t been worn in the last six months, it goes on the ‘donate to a charity store’ pile. If it doesn’t fit, it goes on the same pile, whether you think you’re going to get back into it or not. Or if you simply don’t like it, throw it on that pile. Then, take everything down to the charity store and gift it. Good deeds grow karma points! [Read: What to do when you’re bored at home with nothing to do]

# Have a household declutter

You don’t have to get into Feng Shui here, simply get rid of anything cluttering up your space and doesn’t really serve a purpose. A decluttered house means a decluttered mind.

You might also find that when you do try and do something which requires concentration, your productivity is higher as a result of not being surrounded by endless ‘stuff’! There might even be some things you can sell and earn some cash.

# Do the DIY jobs you’ve been putting off

Unless it’s something a professional need do, like gas or wiring related, there are many DIY jobs you can do yourself. Check YouTube and you’re sure to find a tutorial!

We put these small jobs off because we’re not sure how to approach them, but this is one of the best things to do when you’re stuck at home. No excuse about time constraints either!

things to do when you are stuck at home,what to do when you are at home,mates and me,relationship tips

# Sort out your kitchen cupboards

A pack of flour that’s sat there since 2017? A tin of beans that’s been collecting dust? Clear out those kitchen cupboards and get rid of anything that’s past its sell by date! Again, you’ll feel decluttered and able to move around your kitchen more freely. This is another job we tend to put off, but it’s high up on the list of things to do when you’re stuck at home!

# Sit down and rewrite your resume

When was the last time your resume had an overhaul? Probably a while ago. With a little time on your hands, this is the ideal time to rewrite the whole thing. Spend some time looking at templates online, look at your old resume and identify the things that you want to keep, what can go, or needs an update. This is one task that will never be a waste of time and could be put to good use once the world returns to normality.

# Chill your nerves and bake some bread

Let’s be honest, lockdown can be stressful. We’ve never been in this situation before, so it’s hard to know what to expect next. Relax, chill out, and do things which help you to feel calm.

Bake some bread! Seriously, baking bread is one of the most relaxing things you can do and the smell of baking bread is divine. Why do you think so many people jumped on the banana bread bandwagon last year? Try it for yourself.

things to do when you are stuck at home,what to do when you are at home,mates and me,relationship tips

# Organize your devices

Most of us have a phone, laptop, and tablet. Whether or not you have more or less of these devices, they get clogged up with rubbish occasionally. One of the best things to do when you’re stuck at home is to declutter your devices and organize everything properly.

Delete the photos you don’t need, upload the ones you want to keep to The Cloud, sort out your favorites and bookmarks, and clear out your history. Videos taking up space? Delete! Basically make your devices faster and more streamlined.

# Reshape your eyebrows

No, I’m not running out of ideas, because reshaping your eyebrows is actually one of the best things to do when you’re stuck at home. It requires time, attention, concentration, and zero distractions – perfect timing! Give your brows an overhaul. Remember to never underestimate just what an eyebrow reshape can do for your face. It’ll be like a new you!

# Catch up on your Netflix list

Okay, it might not be productive, but how often do you have the time to watch everything on your Netflix list? It’s not likely to happen again, so make the most of it. However, do make sure you get up and move around occasionally as sitting still for too long is just not healthy!

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