Recipe- Healthy And Delicious Matar Paneer Cutlets

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Recipe- Healthy and Delicious Matar Paneer Cutlets

Matar paneer cutlets or Green peas andcottage cheese Patties is delicious crispy appetiser or tea time snack. Also known as Matar ki Tikki I made this recipe with Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and Matar ( peas). Its vegetarian, ready in 30 Minutes.There are two ways to cook these matar and paneer cutlets, Healthy and indulgent.

healthy and delicious matar paneer cutlets,food,easy recipe


100 grams paneer Indian cottage cheese
150 g Peas matar
2-3 green chilli
green chilli sauce
coriander leaves
mint leaves
1 teaspoon salt

healthy and delicious matar paneer cutlets,food,easy recipe


- Crush Peas and green chillies coarsely in a food processor or blender jar.

- In a mixing bowl add these crushed peas and chillies, grated paneer, cooked rice, ginger, green chilli sauce, coriander leaves, mint leaves and salt to taste.

- Mix them well and make a dough of these.

- Flatten this cutlet dough/mixture onto a chopping board and cut it into desired shape.

- If you want to cook these with minimal oil. Just cook them on heated griddle which is sprayed with oil.

- When it is brown from one side, spray some oil, flip it and and cook it till golden from this side.

- If you want to make them crispier, heat some oil in a pan and shallow fry over medium heat from both side.

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