Navratri Recipe- Delicious Suran Cutlet

By: Kratika Thu, 29 Sept 2022 3:00 PM

Navratri Recipe- Delicious Suran Cutlet

This is one of my favourite recipe from the book Annapoorna by Mangala Barve. As always I have made this so many times that it is now more mine than hers. That is her success. Suran is a large tuber that goes by the name Yam. It is used on fasting days.

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Boiled yam (jimikand)-1 cup
Boiled potato-1 cup
Roasted and crushed peanuts-3 tbls
Roasted sesame seeds-3 tbls
Lemon juice-1.5 t.s
Sugar-1 t.s
Green chillies-3
Ginger-1 t.s
Singhara atta-1/2 cup
Poppy seeds-3 tbls
Cumin seeds-1/2 t.s
Oil- t.s

suran cutlet,hunger struck,food,easy recipe


- Heat 2 t.s oil in a pan add cumin seeds and chopped green chillies.when become golden ,add boiled and mashed suran and mashed potato and peanuts.

- Stir fry for 1 minute and then take out in a bowl.

- Let it cool down ,then add salt ,sugar ,sesame, .lemon juice.mix well.

- Make cutlets and keep aside.

- Take singhara atta ,salt and water in a bowl and make a medium thick batter.

- Dip the cutlets in the batter and sprinkle poppy seds over it.

- Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the cutlets on mediun heat till golden and crisp.

- Serve hot.

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