Recipe- Calcutta Style Kathi Roll

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Recipe- Calcutta Style Kathi Roll

Veg kathi roll- I have heard a lot about Calcutta’s famous Egg rolls which is a very popular road side snack, every road and street have these egg roll stalls. I wanted to try a vegetarian version of these rolls so replaced eggs with dosa batter.

Traditionally whipped egg is applied on the paratha and shallow fried on tawa and then a delicious and healthy salad of assorted vegetables is stuffed inside .Then a generous squeeze of lemon juice,pepper powder or chat masala and tomato ketcup is drizzled over it and then rolled tightly and wrapped in a foil.

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1.5 cup Refined flour
1/3 tsp Baking powder
2 tsp Cooking oil
to taste Salt- to taste
1 cup Dosa batter
1 cup Cucumber sliced
1/2 cup Capsicum sliced
1/2 cup Red bell peppers sliced
1/2 cup Cabbage shredded
1.5 tsp Jalapenos chopped
3/4 tsp Lemon Juice / Nimbu Ka Ras
1/2 tsp Pepper Powder / Kali Mirch
4 tsp Tomato ketchup
3/4 tsp Chat masala
2.5 tsp Red Chili chutney/Red chili sauce

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* Take a bowl and add refined flour,salt,oil and baking powder and mix.

* Now add water and make a medium soft dough,cover and rest the dough for 15 minutes.

* Make medium size balls from the dough and roll to make a medium thick paratha.or make a lachcha paratha.

* On a heavy griddle,cook the paratha so that it will lightly roast from both the sides and then keep side.

* Add some salt and pepper powder in the dosa batter and mix well.

* Heat a non stick pan and pour a laddle of dosa batter and spread to make a dosa of the size of paratha.

* When the dosa get half cooked ,place the paratha over it and press gently so it will stick with the dosa batter.

* Apply 1 tsp of oil on both the sides and cook till done,remove the paratha from the griddle,

* Repeat the process with all the parathas.

* Assemble -Place a paratha on a plate with dosa batter side up, and apply some red chili chutney/chili sauce in the centre of the paratha.

* Place shredded cabbage,capsicum,sliced jalapeno and cucumber on it.

* Now sprinkle some pepper powder,chat masala and lemon juice over the vegetables.

* Drizzle tomato ketchup and roll the paratha tightly to make a neat roll.

* Wrap the roll in a paper napkin or foil and serve hot.

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