Recipe- Chura Matar Is A Speciality From Banaras And Bihar

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Recipe- Chura Matar is a Speciality From Banaras and Bihar

Chura Matar- Beaten rice is popular as poha in Northern India but in most of the parts of Bihar and Uttar pradesh it is also named as Chura/ chuda or chooda. Chura matar is a specialty snack from the city of Banaras which is Served specially for breakfast.

As Chura matar is made with poha and fresh peas so it is mostly made during winter when fresh peas are easily available in the market. It is also a popular street snack of Bihar and U.P.

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2 cup Poha / Pressed Rice
2 cup Green Peas / Hari Matar fresh
2 tbsp Green Chillies / Hari Mirch chopped finely
2 tsp Ginger / Adrak chopped
3/4 cup Fresh Coriander / Cilantro / Hara Dhaniya chopped
3/4 tsp Pepper Powder / Kali Mirch
1 tsp Garam Masala Powder
to taste Salt / Namak
2 tsp Sugar / Chini
3 tbsp Clarified Butter / Desi Ghee
1/4 tsp Asafoetida / Hing powder
1.5 tsp Cumin Seeds / Sabut Jeera
2 tbsp Cashew Nuts / Kaju
1.5 tbsp Raisins / Kishmish

chura matar,chura matar recipe,hunger struck,food,famous of banaras,how to make chura matar


* Take poha in a strainer and wash it with running water and then keep aside for 10 minutes.

* Heat ghee in a pan and add cashew nuts and stir fry till they become golden in colour.

* Now drain the cashew and add in the soaked poha.

* Add cumin seeds in the pan and when seeds start to crackle add asafoetida, chopped green chilies and raisins.

* When cumin become golden in color then add the fresh green peas ,salt and a cup of water.

* Cover the pan with a lid and simmer till peas become soft.

* If there is any water left in the peas then cook on high heat to evaporate the water.

* Now add pepper powder and garam masala in the peas and mix.

* Add the soaked poha ,sugar and mix well.

* Do sprinkle some water if the poha feels too dry.

* Add fresh coriander and lemon juice and mix well with a fork to fluff the poha.

* Serve hot with a cup of hot ginger tea.

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