Recipe- Hearty And Comforting Vegetable Soup

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Recipe- Hearty and Comforting Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup, hearty, comforting and easy homemade soup packed with veggies, greens, herbs and olive oil, makes for a comforting dinner on a cloudy winter day. Its vegan too. A hearty and satisfying home made Vegetable soup which uses hand on ingredients at home and comes together in less than half hour.

Any combination of vegetables you have at home can be used. It’s also a great way of adding veggies to your diet.

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½ cup onion chopped
2 celery stalks finely chopped
2 carrot peeled and diced
about 15 green beans sides trimmed and chopped
1 small potato peeled and cubed
⅓ rd cup corn kernels frozen works
3 tomato diced
2 garlic cloves minced
1 cup spinach chopped roughly
1 tbsp tomato paste optional
5 cups of vegetable stock or more
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp Italian seasoning or to taste
dried basil to taste
½ tsp red chilly flakes optional
½ tsp black pepper powder
salt to taste
lemon juice to taste optional

vegetable soup,vegetable soup recipe,healthy vegetable soup recipe


- Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Add onion, celery and garlic. Add a pinch of salt and saute for about five minutes till onion gets soft, stir often.

- Add in the carrot, green beans and potato. Saute for another five minutes, stirring often.

- Add the chopped tomato and cook till soft.vegetable stock, tomato paste and corn kernels.

- Add the vegetable stock, tomato paste, corn kernels. all the dried herbs and salt.

- Bring to a boil and reduce the heat. Simmer for at least fifteen minutes or until the beans and potato are tender .

- Check for seasoning and adjust. Add some lemon juice for tang.

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