Recipe- Perfect For Summers Nimbu Shikanji Sharbat

By: Kratika Thu, 26 May 2022 1:28 PM

Recipe- Perfect for Summers Nimbu Shikanji Sharbat

Shikanji is a popular Indian drink made using fresh lemon juice that is spiced up with a unique blend of masala and served chilled. This is a tangy, sweet vegan and gluten-free refreshing drink.

Shikanji also known as Shikanjvi, Shikanjbi and Shikanjbeen is a lemon-based drink originating in the northern part of India. Unlike lemonade, Shikanji contains ingredients such as black salt, cumin powder, black pepper powder, coriander powder etc.

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Juice of 3 lemons
3 tablespoon powdered sugar
1 teaspoon black salt
1/2 teaspoon table salt (adjust as per taste)
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon coriander powder
2 glasses of chilled water or club soda
Ice cubes
Handful coarsely pounded mint leaves (optional)

nimbu shikanji sharbat,hunger struck,food,easy recipe,


- Take a mixing bowl and squeeze juice of 3 lemons into it.

- Add powderd sugar.

- Add salt and black salt.

- Add the cumin & coriander powder and mix well.

- Now add chilled water or you may also add club soda. Mix well so that the spices and sugar is nicely combined with the lemon juice.

- If you want add coarsely pounded mint leaves and ice cubes.

- Nimbu Shikanji – Indian Style Lemonade is ready.

- Transfer into serving glass and serve chilled.

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