Recipe- Street Style Paneer Fried Rice

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Recipe- Street Style Paneer Fried Rice

Today we are doing quick and easy to make paneer fried rice recipe. This is a Indo Chinese recipe. Everybody loves restaurant style Chinese. The fried paneer cubes with crispy vegetables in Chinese sauces makes it a awesome dish. It is a riot of colors. You can add any vegetable you like. It can be prepared within minutes or it can be relished just like that. If you pair it with Veg Manchurian or hot garlic vegetables, you can experience restaurant style indo chinese food at home itself.

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250 gms Paneer (Cottage Cheese)
3 cups Boiled Rice
3 tblsp Oil
2 tblsp Chopped Onion
1 tblsp Garlic-Ginger Paste
1 tblsp White of Spring Onion
1/2 cup Capscium, Yellow & Red Bellpepper
1/2 Cabbage
1 tsp chopped Green chillies
1 tblsp Soy sauce
1 tblsp Green Chilli Sauce
1 tbsp Red Chilli Sauce
1 tsp Black Pepper Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tblsp Vinegar
1 tblsp Tomato Ketcup
Salt to taste
2 tblsp green of Spring Onions chopped fine
1 tblsp Fresh Green Coriander

paneer fried rice,paneer fried rice recipe,hunger struck,food


* Cut the paneer into small cubes. Chop the capsicum, bellpeppers, onions, cabbage spring onions and fresh coriander.

* Mince ginger-garlic intoo rough paste.

* Chinese is always cooked on HIGH FLAME. The flame cooking makes the vegetables crisp and crunchy. That is the best part of Indo Chinese food.

* Now heat oil in a wok, add the chopped paneer pieces.

* Shallow fry the paneer till crisp and golden brown from both sides. Take out and keep aside.

* Now in the same wok, heat the oil and fry the ginger-garlic paste.

* Once the ginger-garlic paste is fried golden add the chopped onions.

* Remember to keep the flame high at all times.

* Stir fry the onions. Once the onions are translucent and pink add the chopped white of spring onions.

* Then next add the chopped capsicum, yellow and red bellpeppers.

* Also add the chopped cabbage and green chillies.

* Stir fry them for 1 – 2 mins.

* Once these vegetables are crisp add the sauces.

* Add the fried paneer cubes.

* Lower the flame for a while

* Next add the soy sauce, green chili sauce, red chilli sauce, black pepper powder and salt. Mix everything well. Always keep the salt low at this stage. Soy Sauce and all the other sauces are also high in salt. You can adjust the salt later.

* Add 1 tblsp Vinegar and 1 tblsp of green of spring onion.

* Add cooked boiled rice. If you are preparing fresh rice, then cook them only 90%. And allow the rice to cool down completely.

* With a light hand mix everything together. Do not over mix or the rice will get mushy.

* Increase the flame and let the rice cook for 2 – 3 mins.

* Adjust the salt at this stage.

* Also add 1 tblsp Tomato Ketchup.

* Toss everything nicely and then sprinkle some chopped green coriander.

* Switch off the flame.

* Transfer the rice to a serving bowl and garnish with chopped greens of spring onions.

* Your paneer fried rice is ready to be served.

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