Recipe- Traditional Bisi Bele Bhath

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Recipe- Traditional Bisi Bele Bhath

Bisbele bhath is a very delicious ,flavorful spicy preparation from Karnataka. It is traditional comfort food of Karnataka .This is a version of North Indian Khichdi made with tuvar daal, rice and assorted vegetables.

Bisi means Hot and bele means lentils so its a spicy hot rice ,lentil and vegetable medley. A perfect delicious one pot meal and is also ideal to carry in lunch box. This dish is easily available in all South Indian eateries .This rice dish is also popular as Bisi bele huli anna in some parts of Karnataka.

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1 cup Short Grain Rice
3/4 cup Pigeon Pea / Tuvar / Arhar ki daal
3 tbsp Peanuts / Moongphali
1 Carrot / Gajar chopped
3/4 cup French beans chopped
3 medium Tomatoes / Tamatar chopped
1/2 cup Green Peas / Hari Matar
1 cup Bell Peppers / Capsicum / Shimla Mirch chopped
3 Green Chillies / Hari Mirch
1/2 cup Fresh Coriander / Cilantro / Hara Dhaniya chopped
1.5 tbsp Jaggary / Gud *
4 tbsp Thick tamarind pulp/ Imli ka ras
4 tbsp Bisibele bhath powder
1.5 tsp Red Chilli powder / Laal mirch powder
1.5 tsp Salt / Namak
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder / Haldi Powder


3 tbsp Cooking Oil
3 tbsp Clarified Butter / Desi Ghee
1.5 tsp Mustard Seeds / Rai *
4 tbsp Cashew Nuts / Kaju
15 curry leaves
1/2 tsp Asafoetida / Hing powder
6 Dried Red Chilli, Whole

bisi bele bhath,bisi bele bhath recipe,hunger struck,food,easy recipe


* Wash rice and daal separately

* Soak rice with 2 cups of water in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes and then add the chopped carrots and beans in the cooker ,close the lid and pressure cook on medium heat for 2 whistles
when pressure cool down then remove the cooked rice from the cooker and keep aside

* Now add the soaked daal, peanuts,chopped tomatoes,1 tsp oil and 2.5 cup water in the pressure cooker and pressure cook on medium heat for 4-5 whistles or till daal become soft and mushy.

* I have used a pressure cooker but you can cook it in a heavy bottom pan,

* Mix bisibele bhath masala with a cup of water and stir well and keep aside.

* Take a big wide deep pan and add 2 tbsp oil in it and when become hot then add the chopped capsicum and sate for 2 minutes on medium heat and then add green peas(frozen or boiled) few curry leaves and then add the cooked daal and rice .

* Now add this bisbele bhath mixed water,tamarind pulp, jaggary, turmeric ,salt ,chili powder,green chilies and 3-4 cups hot water to adjust the consistency. mix well with a ladle.

* Simmer on low heat for about 25 -30 minutes till every thing mix well.

* Heat ghee and 2 tbsp oil in a small pan and add mustard seeds, cashew nuts, dried red chilies, curry leaves and asafoetida.

* When mustard start crackling and cashew become golden then switch off the flame and pour the tempering in the bisibele bhath mixture.

* Switch off the heat and add chopped fresh coriander and cover the pan with a lid and let the flavours infuse for 10 minutes.

* Serve hot Bisibele bhath with a tsp of ghee on top with some khara boondi ,yogurt and fried papads.

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