10 Signs You Are An Overeager People Pleaser

By: Kratika Thu, 22 Apr 2021 4:36 PM

10 Signs You are an Overeager People Pleaser

There’s a people pleaser in all of us. But how important is people pleasing to you? Find out if you’re an overeager people pleaser using these signs.

People-pleasing is a strong trait of the youth. In our younger years, we can’t wait to fit in with people that we admire. And in the course of doing that, we don’t mind changing a wee bit of our personality just to appear cooler in front of others.

But how far would you go to please someone else? And what would you be willing to give up just to make others happy? And most importantly, does this youthful trait exist within you even now?

Think about these signs with an open mind, and ask yourself if you can relate to them. You may think you’re not an overeager people pleaser, but try to look deep within yourself to understand the real person within you. After all, there’s nothing worse than living in denial.

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# You crave for compliments

You’re very liberal with your compliments when you’re around friends or colleagues in the hope of getting a compliment back from others.

# You want to be noticed

You get upset if no one notices your new haircut or the new shirt you’re wearing to work. If no one compliments a dress you’re wearing, you assume it looks bad on you even if you loved it when you bought it at the store.

# You lie about your opinions

You don’t have your own identity, and you constantly say you like something even if you don’t enjoy doing it, just to fit in with your group of friends. You don’t know who you are because your likes and dislikes change all the time depending on the people that are around you.

# You can never say no

You don’t like offending anyone because you’re afraid they may think badly of you if you refuse to help them with something.

signs you are an overeager people pleaser,overeager people pleaser,mates and me,relationship tips

# You don’t care about your loved ones

You pay a lot of attention to your new friends or colleagues, and work very hard to please them because you want them to think highly of you. But at the same time, you take the people that truly love you for granted, because you know they love you and will always be there for you regardless of how you behave around them or treat them.

# You’re active around new friends

But you always shirk responsibility or avoid giving your input when you’re with people who know you very well. You work harder with friends you’re trying to please, but you get lazy when it involves just you or someone who already likes you.

You may think you’re being yourself with people you know well, and don’t need to impress them. But you need to remember that your loved ones will always feel like you’re taking their love for granted because you’re always nicer to people who don’t care about you.

# You always have a smile

You never get angry with your friends or colleagues even if they do something that’s extremely upsetting. Instead, you force all that rage within yourself in the form of implosive anger.

signs you are an overeager people pleaser,overeager people pleaser,mates and me,relationship tips

# You want love

You want people to like you wherever you go, and you want everyone you meet to think of you with warm affection. You always try to show your best side to anyone you meet and you constantly hope that everyone you meet remembers you fondly.

# The opinion of others

The opinion of other people matters a lot to you and your own decision making. You make your decisions based on other people’s desires. You ask all your friends to share their opinions with you, and you give more thought to what they say than what you believe is right.

# You like attention all the time

You fear losing friends and you care too much about being liked by everyone. And you can’t ever imagine being hated by others or being lonely.

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