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15 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Love You More

By: Kratika Tue, 14 June 2022 1:59:15

15 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Love You More

Are you looking for some fun things to do with your boyfriend? Honestly, getting to the point in your relationship where things are easy and you have a routine going is a great thing. It means you two have spent enough time together to get past that initial honeymoon phase and are settling down into your lives together.

But the one thing that just plain sucks about this is that you probably do the same things time and time again. You go to the same restaurant to eat, come home and watch Netflix, and then go to bed. While this can be relaxing, it’s not very fun or exciting.

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# Trivia night

Most local bars or eateries host trivia nights on occasion usually on a weekly basis. If your usual dinner is getting too boring, go for one of those and see how terrible or great you both are at random trivia. The competitive nature of the game will bring a new edge to your relationship.

# Plan a vacation

You may not be able to go on a vacation right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for one with your boyfriend. Check out the best locations, hotels, all the places to visit and everything you’d want to do there. It’ll give you both something to think about, and keep things exciting.

# Talk about the future

It’s not always that we get the time to do this.

Life always gets in the way, but if you have a few lazy hours together and you’re looking for fun things to do with your boyfriend, just talk about the future, what you want it to be like, and what would be nice to have. Fantasize, and soon, you’ll be able to build it together.

# Make a list of goals

If you want to do something that can seriously change your lives together for the better, make a list of future goals – a monthly one, a half-yearly one and a long-term yearly goal.

What do you wish to achieve alone, and as a couple? Lie down in bed, write down a list of goals and break them up into smaller, easily achievable goals. It’ll show your partner you’re not just cute and sweet, but driven and passionate too! But just make sure both of you follow through on your goals.

# Talk about the past

The past is something most of us avoid talking about. But just because we don’t talk about it doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t think about it. You don’t have to get into the details, but you can definitely talk about what you’ve learned from your childhood, your past relationships, and everything else that both of you are willing to comfortably share with each other.

fun things to do with boyfriend,couple tips,relationship tips,dating tips

# Read a book together

Cuddle up in each other’s arms, and take turns reading a few pages out to each other. It may seem boring and not up there on the list of fun things to do with your boyfriend, but before you know it, both of you will be hooked and spend a whole day just reading the book and cuddling up.

# Talk about secrets

We all have skeletons in the closet, but talking about some of those skeletons can actually bring both of you closer together. And, it’s a huge relief to unburden yourself off someone of those secrets too.

# Watch porn!

Yup, you heard that right! There is nothing wrong with watching a bit of porn together and having a laugh. Well, it starts out with both of you laughing until, boom, your panties are off and you’re wondering how did a boring afternoon turn into a whole day of passionate sex.

# Write each other a letter

Humor us, seriously! It seems like the most boring thing to do, but sometimes, putting pen on paper is a gesture you’ll remember for an entire lifetime. Time each other for 30 minutes *you can always take extra time!* and ask your boyfriend to write a love note, and you do the same for him.

# Go on a long drive

It doesn’t have to be anywhere specific, nor does it have to be a long journey or road trip. Just hop into the car, and drive for a couple of hours to wherever the road takes you. It’s a great way to explore, and the spontaneity of it all will make your relationship more exciting.

fun things to do with boyfriend,couple tips,relationship tips,dating tips

# Teach him something

Teach him something for the afternoon. Show him how to paint or the basics of guitar. Take a skill you have and introduce him to it patiently. Let him know you want him to be part of your world.

# Let him choose

Let him plan a date for you. Maybe he’ll take you to a game, make you a candlelit dinner, or drive up the coast. If you’re looking for fun things to do with your boyfriend, let him plan the entire thing. This way he gets to have fun with the planning and you can relax.

# Rent a luxury car

Rent a luxury car for the day. Drive through a scenic route and enjoy all the special features of a fancy car. You may even come away from the day realizing you’re not high maintenance enough to own one.

# Go to a convention

I don’t know about you but I’ve always dreamed of going to a fan convention. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but have never done. Pick something you’re both fans of, get tickets, and make a weekend of it. It is an experience you’re unlikely to forget.

# Go to an arcade

Playing games together resurges your excitement from childhood. We rarely get to feel that as adults. Go to an arcade and compete which each other. Play games he likes and that you like. You could also up the stakes by thinking of a prize for the winner.

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