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3 Reasons Friends With Benefits Is Just Worth It

By: Pinki Mon, 21 Aug 2017 6:36:12

3 Reasons Friends With Benefits is Just Worth It

We all want to have some fun with less or no complications at all. Yes, sex is something that should come with no baggage. Why do you think majority of people wish to have a "friends with benefits" sort of relationship? "Friends with benefits" is no more just a trend, it has become a ‘Relationship Status’ of many people, you have sex and they are your best friends. What could be better, right? However it is not as simple as it seems.

# Tension free Sex

Nothing is better than having sex and waking up next morning without any regret or complication. Of course, making out with someone that you have emotions and feelings for will always feel right and you won’t have any regret but when you make out with your best mate, there are chances that it will leave you in soup. Mates, who have agreed to be friends with benefits for each other, can definitely give each other a great time.Opportunity to explore.

# No strings attached

There are no complications, there is nothing to worry about, you go out with each other, you watch movies together, you make out and nothing could be simpler and better than this.

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# The dawn of complications

There will be dilemmas, there will insecurities, there will be complications and you will be the center of it. There are fair chances that the person you are making out with will not be your 'friend' anymore.

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