4 Intimacy Positions That Are Better With Prop

By: Pinki Tue, 08 May 2018 12:58 PM

4 Intimacy Positions That Are Better With Prop

There are so many different ways to fool around in your bedroom! And when you and your partner are having better sex, better orgasm; more better you relationship gets! Now you might wonder what else could you do to spice up things in your bedroom. Well, how about using props? Yes! That’s right. You can use some simple props to make the regular sex positions feel even better.

* Blindfolded Missionary

This position might be probably every couples go to sex position! You can easily bring some excitement in this with just a piece of cloth. You lie down and let your man get on top of you. You then blindfold your partner with a piece of cloth and help him entre you. Touch him at places all over his body as he thrusts you. This is sure to create some pleasurable sensations as he has no idea where you might touch him next.

* Headboarded Back

You can call this position a mix of doggy style and standing. You get on top of the bed on your knees facing the wall on back of the headboard. Your partner then ties you hands to the headboard and gets behind you. He then enters you form the back. This position is a highly pleasurable one for you as all you can do is tell him what to do and show him!

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* Couched On The Lap

Your bed doesn’t have to be the only place that you guy have sex on. This time do it on the chair instead. Let your main sit naked on the chair and you get on top of him. Time his hands to the chair just for fun and may be treat him with some lap dance as well. You get the total control here, so you might just as well enjoy it!

* Reverse Pillow Talk

Pillows can be put into great use for many sex positions. One of the best positions to get away with a pillow is reverse cowgirl. Make you partner sit on bed and you get on top of him, but in the reverse direction. Stack some pillows behind him and under your belly for support. Guide him to enter inside you. This position with the pillows adds more precise internal stimulation.

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