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4 Ways To Stop Making The Same Mistakes In A Relationship

By: Pinki Sat, 21 May 2022 5:29 PM

4 Ways To Stop Making The Same Mistakes in a Relationship

Most of us are not as self-aware as we would like to believe. This is why we repeatedly end up in similar relationships. So, how to stop making the same mistakes in a relationship? Well, let’s dive in and learn together.

We go from one breakup to the next without realizing that we are making the same choices; therefore, the same mistakes. And once we do realize that our breakups and relationships woes are due to the same thing, it is often too late to fix.

Well, realizing that it is happening and admitting is the first step. Once you know you’re doing than you can take steps to break your patterns.

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# Think about it

First, just labeling those patterns will help. Pointing out this mistake is the best thing you can do to really gain deeper insight. Do you rush into relationships quickly? Do you ditch your friends when you’re in a relationship? Are you prone to being codependent?

When you are able to answer this, you can take further steps.

# Answer questions

Not all of us have a therapist, but if we did, this is when they would ask you why you think that is. Therapists don’t offer advice but usually ask you questions to develop a different perspective.

Ask yourself why you continue on with this pattern? Is it protecting you from being hurt? How is it hurting you? When you can qualify your relationship habit as negatively affecting you, you will be more motivated to change it.

tips to avoid  same mistakes in a relationship,relationship tips,couple tips,dating tips

# Take accountability

Most of the time when we make the same mistakes in a relationship, we don’t notice it until it’s already happened. We don’t notice that we are falling for the same type of person until it’s too late. But, that doesn’t mean you’re too late.

You can say sorry to yourself and learn from that. You might find yourself complaining to a friend about your significant other when they say that’s the same thing your ex used to do. Instead of denying or ignoring it, sit with that.

Just because you are dating someone doesn’t mean you have to keep dating them if you know it isn’t the right choice for you. You should be able to admit what you were doing was wrong for you in order to find what’s right.

# Practice

It can be hard to practice unlearning a behavior when it comes to dating. You don’t want to date people to just work on yourself. And a lot of mistakes made in a relationship happen when things get serious.

But there are ways to practice the habits you want to break and the ones you want to pick up. If you want to meet a different type of person, go to different places. You don’t need to date anyone but just making conversation and experiencing different people can get you comfortable around other types.

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