5 Benefits Of Getting Intimate On Your Periods

By: Sandeep Mon, 04 Dec 2017 3:42:42

5 Benefits of Getting Intimate on Your Periods

Deciding to engage in period sex involves a certain amount of bodily comfort and an open mind. Although it may not be for everyone, there are health benefits to having sex on your period that may make you reconsider your stance on getting down during shark week. In fact, it just might help relieve many of the symptoms that make periods so painful and obnoxious in the first place.

First, there is nothing inherently gross or unclean about menstruation — it's just a normal bodily process that has been vilified in many ways for far too long. And if you can keep this perspective in mind, it's easy to reframe the idea of period sex as a normal part of a healthy romantic life. Although you will probably want to give your partner a heads-up when it is that time of the month, chances are your SO will not be as grossed out by the concept as you fear.

* Cramp Relief

If cramps are getting the best of you, then sex just might help you find some relief. As explained by Kinsey Confidential, both the physical and mental aspects of sex may help lessen period cramps. Basically? Don't discount sex's ability to distract you from any pains.

* Shorter Period

Sure, it sounds too good to be true. But according to ABC News, the muscle contractions associated with orgasm may help expel your period blood more quickly. So you may experience both a lighter flow and more pleasure. There is not much of a downside.

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* General Pain Relief

If you tend to feel generally achey and cruddy during that time of the month, then a little adult fun may help that out as well. According to sources, orgasms could help you block feelings of pain. Hopefully that piercing period headache will be on its way out.

* Less Stress

It's normal to feel at least a bit stressed around shark week, especially if periods tend to bring you pain. Thankfully, sex with a partner may help you reduce your stress response, as noted by Very Well. If nothing else, it can take your mind off your stressors for a little while.

* Sleep Improves

If your period pains tend to disrupt sleep, then you might have yet another reason to get frisky. The hormonal changes associated with sexual activity may make it easier for you to doze off, according to Women's Health. Hey, might as well make those hormones work in your favor, right?

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