5 Effective Ways To Fight Infertility In Men

By: Sandeep Mon, 08 Jan 2018 10:15:35

5 Effective Ways To Fight Infertility in Men

With each passing day, infertility is also becoming an major issue. Earlier it was a primary problem faced by women. But Research have been conducted to prove that men are equally responsible for being infertile.

* Quitting drinking and smoking

The harmful ingredients in tobacco smoking can kill sperm cells. On the other hand, alcohol does no good either. Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce libido and also destroy the quality and structure of the sperm.

* Reduce stress

To combat stress, one can try mind relaxing exercises such as yoga, deep breathing, or even listen to soothing music. These activities shall help one in coping with everyday stress.

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* Limit weight lifting

Lifting heavy weights can help one improve sperm concentration, but in case one is overdoing it, then it can be a cause of worry. Exercise in moderation for a healthy sperm count.

* Eat healthy food

Consume healthy food such as nutritious vegetables, nuts and fresh fruits to improve sperm quality. Vitamin C and E are very important for men. Moreover, drinking four glasses of fresh orange juice a day can help the defective sperm count drop from 20 percent to 11 percent.

* Sound sleep

Sleep for at least seven to eight hours every day as it will help restore the reproductive system and reduces stress. Lack of sleep can disrupt one's cycle of sperm production.

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