5 Intimacy Issues That Affect Your Marriage

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5 Intimacy Issues That Affect Your Marriage

Being sexually frustrated or incompatible with your spouse is a large issue that many marriage therapists address during couples counselling. Physical intimacy issues occur for many reasons like stress, age, and change in circumstance, such as having a new baby. Aside from the physical benefits, having a satisfying sex life with your partner strengthens your emotional connection.

It is not surprising, then, that many couples who are having physical intimacy issues experience lower relationship satisfaction and tend to draw away from one another.

* Not making time for sex

Busy schedules and sheer exhaustion may be getting in the way from fulfilling your sexual desires as a couple. Not making time for sex is one of the biggest complaints during sexual counseling. The bottom line is this: if you love something, you will make time for it. Do you exercise or play sports several times a week, but don’t make time for sex?

* Sharing your bed

Do you share your bed with your children or perhaps even your pets? It’s not uncommon for children to snuggle up in bed with their parents for some late night TV or after a nightmare. You may feel it is your parental obligation to allow your child to come into your bed if they are scared or when they want to spend time with you, but try not to make a habit out of it. Sharing your bed with someone other than your spouse can make intimacy scarce.

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* No effort put into sex life

Finding that perfect routine, in bed feels magical when you first embark on your sexual relationship. It’s that moment where you have all your moves down perfectly.

* Not comfortable communicating

Communication is key in nearly every aspect of your relationship, including your sex life. If you cannot communicate with your partner, how will they know the best ways to please you? Couples need to be able to discuss their wants, needs, and fantasies.

* Too nervous to initiate

Many couples have cast themselves in certain roles inside and outside the bedroom. For example, the husband may be cast as the “initiator”, leaving the wife unsure of how to speak up about her desire for sex. Other couples may be oblivious to their spouse’s signals. Others still may simply be too nervous to initiate for fear of rejection.

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