5 Intimacy Positions To Keep You In Control

By: Pinki Tue, 12 June 2018 12:44 PM

5 Intimacy Positions To Keep You in Control

When it comes to sex, keeping it balanced between the partners is the best option. So the power to control ought to be spread out between the man and women evenly. Well if you might have noticed most of the sex position pur a man in power and control. So it’s time that you switch sides and take the con trol in your hands. Here are 5 sex positions that’ll totally put you in control.

* Cowgirl Ride

Why should the cowboys have all the fun? In this position, lay hin on his back and enjoy while you ride him. You are in complete control here and if he tries to put his own thing here, you can easily spin him off.

* Take Throne

Let you make take a seat on the couch or with some support behind his back. You then get onto his lap and give yourself the ride of your life.

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* Turn around

Just because he is relaxing doesn’t mean you can’t! Lay him on his back and you get on top of him. Instaed of sitting and facing him, lie on top of him. Use him as your personal loveseat and enjoy comfort and control in a way that you never have before

* Hold Him

Don’t let him get lazy on you. Have him prop a leg up while he’s laying down so you can face away from him and hold onto his leg for support. Riding him will be extra simplified with his leg serving as a balancing tool!

* 69

This truly is a couples position. Both of you can have control over each other and at the same time satisfy yourselves. You’ll find that that more effort you put in blowing him, the more effort he’ll put in returning you the favour. It’s a 50/50 game afterall.

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