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5 Intimacy Positions To Make You Fall In Love

By: Pinki Sat, 28 July 2018 6:09 PM

5 Intimacy Positions To Make You Fall in Love

Certain sex positions definitely facilitate higher levels of not only sexual intimacy but as well emotional intimacy. When you feel you are connected to a person emotionally, it’s obvious for you to fall in love with them. Eye contact, kissing, caresses, trusting and watching each other are all emotional complements to the physical experience. Here are 5 positions that’l help you to connect emotionally with your partner. These positions will allow you to go beyond your sensory experience and intensify the intimacy of your encounters.

* Girl On Top

Guys love it and plus this position could be vulnerable for both of you, which itself will create a lot of intimacy. He can rely on you as you have got the control while you expose yourself for his perusal. This position is definitely perfect for a lot of touching and intimate caresses.

* Holding You

Let you man hold you in his arms while you wraps tour legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. Guide him so he could enter you and place soft kisses all over his face while he thrusts you. This position is conducive for some passionate loving and romantic swaying.

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* Enhanced Mission

Can’t get enough out of your missionary sex position? Well try out this enhanced position to get some deeper action. Your man can hold your butt or move his legs to the outside of hers to more fully envelop her body. This position is as well great for some face-to-face intimacy.

* Spooning

Nothing can get better than cuddling and making out at the same time. This sex position make you feel connected emotionally as your man cradles you in a protective way with his entire body. It’s wonderful for touching, squeezing, rubbing and even hand holding. Plus it’s one of the best positions for female orgasm.

* Crossed Legs

Let your guy sit with his legs crossed or in yoga position and you sit on his lap with your legs on either side of his body or wrapped around his waist. Both of you are fully entwined and face-to-face. Now all this position needs is slower, sensual movements to add romantic intensity.

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