5 Intimacy Positions Using Pillow

By: Pinki Wed, 09 May 2018 11:02 AM

5 Intimacy Positions Using Pillow

Orgasmic sex is what every individual aims towards practicing and enjoying. What amps up sex many a times is the use of a crop. Pillows are the best to use while having sex as not only do they provide certain parts of your body with support but also deepen the penetration. Here are 5 sex positions to enjoy using a pillow!

* The Tower Beneath

Kneel down by placing your clitoris on a heap of pillows. Now have your partner finger you from behind. This is infinitely arousing. He’s surely going to feel you squirt as he makes his way into your hole with his fingers. Finally, have your partner insert into you and do you from behind.

* The Pleasurable Slider

This is one of those positions that provides the guy with maximum view. Lie back, placing your butt on 2 pillows piled on one another. Now, have your man hold your legs up and penetrate deep into you. Continuous thrusting and breast fondling is what makes the activity orgasmic for both of you.

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* Lower Doggie Styling

Have your man sit on a pile of 3 pillows and kneel backwards. You need to sit in the doggie position, facing your butt towards him. This might take a few efforts but have him thrust you up and down from beneath. This activity is sure to burn your calories.

* Berserk Pillow Sex

To give you a heads-up, setting up this position is a little time-consuming but absolutely worth the efforts. Stack a heap of pillows and ask your partner to lay on it sideways. You are required to lie adjacent to his pelvic area with your legs over his hip. This position is bound to spark your nerve endings as he pushes in and pulls out of you continuously from the side. It’ll send both you and your partner to a pleasure alley!

* On The Edge

As the name suggests, place a pile of pillows near the edge of your bed and place your hips on them facing downwards, as you kneel. Keep your arms stretched forward. Have your man stand against the edge of your bed and insert into you from behind. You may go ahead and refer to it as a stand-up doggie style too!

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