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5 Major Reasons That Lead To Break Up With Your Partner

By: Pinki Sat, 11 Apr 2020 10:47:51

5 Major Reasons That Lead To Break Up With Your Partner

In the 21st century, there are many communication channels and the world has become a smaller place. However, this does not mean that relationships have become easier. Divorce rates are skyrocketing; people don’t maintain relationships with their near family. Extended family members are almost like strangers to each other. Maintaining relationships is hard work in today’s time. There are many reasons why relationships are breaking everywhere in the world. Couples are breaking up all the time, and two or even three divorces are commonplace today. The other end of the spectrum is that because of recurring breakups people are finding it extremely hard to maintain relationships and shy away from commitment and marriages. The following are some of the main causes of breakups in relationships.

* Cheating

A committed relationship or a marriage is usually based on a vow to each other to be faithful in a relationship. This vow is being broken by both men and women at a higher percentage in the 21st century. Infidelity is both emotional infidelity as well as sexual infidelity. When a third person enters a marriage, many times there is a sense of betrayal and trust is lost forever. This causes breakups in many relationships. Because of our work lives and our social lives, it is very easy to cheat these days.

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* Long Distance

In the past usually, people had more local lives. Many times couples grew up, got married and stayed in the same locality without staying away from each other for long periods of time. Today, because of work, education and other commitments, long- distance relationships are on the rise. Couples these days can spend months apart in different cities, sometimes even in different parts of the world. This time spent apart causes a strain in relationships and results in breakups.

* Communication

Couples these days many times find it difficult to communicate their feelings about day to day events with each other. The openness that was existing in a relationship in the past is missing in relationships today. This is because of self-preservation and a lack of trust in couples. Communicating problems with each other help solve problems. There is a lack of trust in relationships and many times individual go through problems within a relationship without telling their partners. This creates misunderstanding, lack of trust and even anger and fights within couples that can cause breakups.

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* Expectations

In the past, people got married early on the basis of attraction, compatibility and socio-economic backgrounds. Nowadays, individuals entering a relationship already have a social group, a career and also set expectations about their life. They want their life to go in a certain way and they have priorities which need to be met in their lives. They also have an opinion about the priorities and qualities that they are looking for in their partners. Romantic relationships don’t match these expectations, in the long run, are doomed to fail.

* Compatibility Issues

Romantic relationships are initially based on attraction, having fun with each other and the whirlwind of romance. However, compatibility means being able to spend years together without fighting or having tensions in the relationships. Compatibility, friendship and the matching of personality with each other develop over time. If this does not take place over time, relationships tend to breakup.

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