5 Reasons To Choose A Bearded Boyfriend

By: Pinki Sat, 02 June 2018 09:34:02

5 Reasons To Choose a Bearded Boyfriend

Not only are men with beards exceptionally appealing but also prove to be beneficial for the relationship. Here are a few reasons that suggest the advantages of dating a man with a beard.

* Kissing is more fun

The beard stroking against your cheeks feels ticklish and is good in a way to increase the excitement as well as the spark to make-out. Also, there is something unexplainably sexy about kissing a man with a beard.

* Increases the man’s sex appeal

It is a fact that bearded men look extremely sexy as the rugged look brings out their masculinity or manliness efficiently well. Women who prefer wild action and a beard is a driving factor which contributes to aggressive and raw action. Aren’t manly beasts irresistibly sexy?

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* Bearded men tend to be healthier

A beard forms a protective layer over the skin, thus avoiding the direct contact of the sun’s harmful rays. It reduces the risks of cancer and also keeps away signs of ageing. Furthermore, it has been proven that bearded men are generally healthier than the chocolate boys who lack a beard. What is better than your man staying in pink health?

* They look wiser

For years, beards have been a symbol of wisdom and virility. It is a scientifically proven fact that men with beards are smarter than those without one. Honestly, which woman would not want to have someone witty and smart by her side?

* Makes your man mysterious and patient

It goes without saying that that a well-groomed man is attractive. Someone who maintains his beard and is patient enough to grow it is obviously someone who would hold a lot of patience in other situations as well. Also, at some point you do tend to wonder how he would look beneath all that facial. Beard is a driving factor in making a man appear mysterious and hot.

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