5 Reasons Why Kissing More Is Good For You

By: Pinki Sun, 25 Sept 2022 09:08 AM

5 Reasons Why Kissing More is Good For You

Kissing is a very powerful bonding tactic that can be as simple as a peck on the lips, or a long, passionate make-out session. It’s no surprise that couples who kiss more often tend to be more satisfied with their relationship.

Need even more reason to lock lips? Here are 5 reasons you should talk less and kiss more:

# It increases happiness and provides stress relief

Have you ever been sad right after a kiss? Probably not. Kissing naturally relaxes us and is an instant pick-me-up. “When we kiss, it stimulates our brain to release a cocktail of feel good chemicals that both calm and excite us at the same time,” says marriage and family therapist Dr. Sheri Meyers. When this happens, the desire to connect, bond and get close to our partner increases.

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# It’s free, fun and can be experimental

Kissing is a great way to express yourself and keep things fresh. Let it be a sensual adventure, says Meyers. “Take time to explore, taste, and touch each other’s lips. See if you can discover something new–like kissing your partner while gazing into each other’s eyes. You may find it’s a more personal and a deeper experience.”

# It’s communication without the talking

Kissing can convey a variety of messages and you don’t even have to speak. A kiss can communicate that you love and missed a person. It can also show that you’re ready to get busy in the bedroom. It can convey tenderness, passion and enthusiasm. At the same time, how you kiss can also show another that you’re bored or not really into them. That said, Meyers advises to always be present when you kiss: “Say what you want your partner to hear, not with your words, but with your lips.”

benefits of kissing,couple kissing,why kissing is good,relationship tips,couple tips

# It spurs arousal

A deep, sensual kiss sets the stage for heightened sexual pleasure and a more satisfying erotic experience. If a partner seems ‘distant’ or not all there when kissing them, there might be just as much disconnection during sex. If the kiss is slow and passionate, lovemaking may be just as tender.

# It keeps the relationship connected and strong

The more time and effort we put into kissing our partner throughout the day, the stronger the relationship will be overall. Lips are filled with sensory nerves that send a huge amount of biological information to our brains, prompting it produce oxytocin. This hormone is most commonly known as the “love hormone” because it creates intimacy, trust, and builds healthy relationships. It’s the same hormone that bonds mothers to their newborns. The higher those levels, the higher your capacity to love.

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