5 Signs That Show Your Man Is Egoistic

By: Pinki Tue, 28 July 2020 7:56:27

5 Signs That Show Your Man is Egoistic

Honey, let’s get it clear. If you clicked on the article without thinking twice, it’s time for you to bid that man a goodbye. In an age where women stand strong on their views and voice out their opinions, giving men a run at in work spaces and outside, it would be a pity to stick around with a man who doesn’t respect you and decides to feather his own ego every now and then. Here are a few signs that tell about a man’s chauvinism.

* Doesn’t offer you a say in important matters

There is a reason that the two individuals in love with each other are called a couple and each other’s partners. Just like a business partner has a say in all official matters, your relationship partner has every right to voice out his/her opinions in making major life decisions. If your man does not bother to take your opinion into consideration, it reflects his authority over you where he considers it absolutely normal to make decisions for you on his own. If he does not respect your culture and religion and forces his culture onto you, he is undoubtedly a chauvinist.

* Does not help in household chores

We live in the 21st century, a time where it is essential for every individual to know how to manage household chores and contribute to maintaining the cleanliness as well as the functioning of the house. While both men and women work these days, it is noticed that it is seldom the woman’s responsibility to cook for the family members. However, there are men with evolved mindsets who cook, do the laundry and everything possible to help their partners by reducing their workload. If your man orders you around for coffee and food while he just sits there and does absolutely zilch for you, he isn’t lazy but certainly holds a chauvinistic characteristic.

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* Doesn’t value your career

If you are with a man who tells you “yes, you can work,” enlighten his naïve soul by informing him and establishing the fact that it is completely your decision to work and he is nobody to let you or let you not work. Furthermore, if he aims at fulfilling his dreams at the cost of yours, it is clear that he does not value you or your potential. Get rid of him and we can assure you that there are plenty of men out there who know what it is like to be a man and respect a woman.

* Tends to get violent

It’s surprising that you have even waited to a point where you’d need to contemplate over this particular issue. It isn’t necessary that he should beat you blue to prove himself of being a male chauvinist. The act of pinning you to the wall and yelling at you or even holding you tight till it hurts when in an argument qualifies him to be an absolute chauvinist. If he does not know where to use his power or physical strength and control his anger, you need to file a complaint and take all the necessary actions to teach him a lesson. It goes without saying that you need to get yourself out of a toxic relationship like this and move on to better things and people in life.

* Does not make love to you

Physical intimacy is a factor that plays a vital role in enhancing the bond between two partners. However, if your man merely has sex with you and avoids romance, dispensing with the emotional connect, he does not love you. If he isn’t gentle in his ways, does not caress your body and worship it, he is only satisfying his sexual needs and not making love to you. This reflects his inconsideration of your feelings for him and the fact that he is taking you for granted.

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