5 Tips To Deal With Conservative Parents

By: Pinki Mon, 16 Mar 2020 8:47:47

5 Tips To Deal With Conservative Parents

Have you ever encountered older people saying how our generation has completely lost it? Far too many times, we believe. Whether it is the choice of our clothes, the dating culture at present, the parenting choices we make, or simply how we want to live our lives, chances are that your parents may not be on board with your views and ideas. And for us, well, it always seems like no matter how much we try, they fail to understand us. The generation gap is real, my friends.

We are not saying that all older people are conservatives. However, there are times when you will meet your pesky colleague or neighbor whom you simply cannot get along with. Or even your social media friends for that matter whom you will find to be way too conservative for your taste. But dealing with them is much easier since it’s not someone you are related to. You can ignore them, or block or unfollow them on Facebook, and completely cut them out of your life. But what do you do when it is your parents who are stubbornly conservative? We bring you 5 tips that will aid you in sailing through it.

* Listen

Being a good listener is one of the greatest qualities to have a peaceful and meaningful conversation. Sometimes we are so caught up in proving our point that we don’t pay any heed to what the other person has to say. Listen to them, and then continue the conversation based on that. Let them know that they are being heard and understood. We are not saying that this tactic would work, but it will definitely reduce friction between the two of you. When you listen, it lets them know that they are being valued and respected for their wisdom.

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* It’s Not About Winning

Arguments can escalate pretty quickly. And it can lead to potentially destroying the relationship you have with your parents. If you feel that things are getting out of control and your emotions are getting the better of you, then just drop the argument. You don’t have to win every argument with your parents.

* Be Wary Of Your Words

It’s true, words are mightier than the sword. But if not used responsibly and efficiently, words also have the power to destroy relationships. We end up saying extremely rude things when we are angry and frustrated. And this can potentially tarnish the relationship you have with your parents. Plus, as they age, parents will become more vulnerable and dependent on you and they would want to know that you will be there for them. So no matter how heated an argument you get into, choose your words wisely.

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* Find The Humor In Things

Your mom or dad may make statements during an argument that you may find to be utterly ridiculous. So, instead of telling them how ridiculous they are being and completely losing your cool over it, see the humor in things. You can also make an inside joke with your partner or sister. Remember, it’s not your parents that you are fighting with. It’s the mindset.

* Let Go Of The Small Stuff

Even if you may not believe in some of the things they do, it’s okay to support them in what they believe. Pick your battles wisely. For example, be open to dropping your mom to temple or church even if you don’t practice similar beliefs.No one is perfect not us, not our parents, or our friends. Whether it is the relationship with your spouse or your parents, it takes effort, love, and patience to make it work. Choose your fights wisely as nothing is worth losing the bond you have with them.

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