5 Tips To Raise Teenage Kid

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5 Tips To Raise Teenage Kid

Teenage is not bad. Adolescence can be a challenging time for both parents and children. In fact, parents who think they have the mostpolite, easygoing child may be startled by the dramatic changes that occur during the teenage years. So what changes when children enter their adolescent years?

A lot! They go through significant physical and hormonal changes. But you can make their teen years less chaotic and more fun with these tips for parenting teenagers.

* Listen to your child

A lot of times what seems like a decent chat with the teen can turn into a crazy argument at any moment. Such conversations are typical. In many ways, parenting a teen is similar to parenting a toddler who is going through huge developmental leaps. While a toddler may throw himself on the floor, a teen will use words, and sometimes not very nice words. If you can remain calm yourself setting appropriate limits but not reacting with equal outrage, your relationship with your teen will develop in a healthy direction.

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* Value your relationship

Your teenager wants to be heard and understood, not judged. And to be able to do that, you need to listen to them, support them, have fun together and respect each other. In short, your teen should be comfortable sharing stories about their experiences. The degree to which they share may vary greatly according to their unique personality. But for all kids, an open and accepting listening stance will best support a healthy relationship.

* Sex, lies and alcohol

Some of the most delicate issues that you need to deal with teenagers are sex, alcohol, and drugs. Many kids dread discussing these topics with their parents. They’d rather talk about it with their friends or a confidante at school. If you force the issue they may feel pressed to lie to you. Here are some tips on how you can deal with these things with the teen. Some conflict is an inevitable and important part of growth and development.

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* Experimenting with drugs

For a teenager, almost everything is an adventure. They want to experience something once, just for the ‘thrill’ of it. But with drugs, it may not necessarily end there. Teenagers may get tempted to experience the high more and more, and before they know it, they are addicted to the substance. Here is what you can do to prevent the child from developing a problem with drug use.

* Choose your battles wisely

With a teen, conversations may easily transform into arguments. So you need to be the adult and pick your battles wisely. Figure out the things for which you want to say ‘no’ and those which you should just let go. Some parents may forbid a tattoo or body-piercing. Others may feel that this can be a relatively harmless expression of independence if it is small and located in a part of the body that is not generally visible.

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