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5 Tips To Stop Being Annoying And Become The Life Of The Party

By: Kratika Wed, 21 July 2021 2:27 PM

5 Tips To Stop Being Annoying and Become The life of the Party

More often than not, dull or annoying people have no idea that they are rubbing others up the wrong way. There is undoubtedly a difference between being boring and annoying, yet people’s general reaction to both are similar. Either way, you do not want to be the one whom people run from or tolerate out of politeness. Learn how not to be annoying and side-step those issues, or if you already are, how to stop being annoying instead!

People who are annoying and/or boring tend to display similar personality traits. One is complete oblivion to how others are reacting towards them.

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# Be polite

It is hard to find fault with someone who has manners and is considerate to those around them. When you show others a sense of politesse and camaraderie, there is less of a chance that they will think of you as someone annoying or dull. You can learn how to stop being annoying simply by being more polite in many cases.

Remember that there is a very fine line between being an extrovert and an irritating person, and you would do very well for yourself if you knew the difference between the two.

# Stop being a know-it-all

An acquaintance of mine has the very annoying habit of being a know-it-all. She does not even realize she is doing it, but it permeates every aspect of her life and every form of conversation she is involved in.

From speaking to her in person, to text messaging, to group chats, to Facebook posts, everything that comes out of her mouth and mind at any given time unflatteringly shows what a know-it-all she is.

The thing is, the information she churns out is not always accurate. Not just that, she seems to know everything about everyone, which is annoying, because it proves that the term “discretion” obviously flies right over her head.

Those close to her have come to terms with this very annoying part of her. Yet, people who meet her for the first time are usually very taken aback by her annoying tone and cocky aura.

If you see yourself in her, stop it now before everyone starts to snidely call you “Wikipedia” behind your back.

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# Let others speak

A surefire way to be called the most annoying person in the room is to hog the floor.

You have to give others the chance to speak, no matter the time or place. Fun social situations do not develop out of one-man shows, so let others chime in and do not dominate the conversation.

As smart, talented, knowledgeable and hyper as you are, no one wants to hear you go on and on about your awesomeness. Unless of course, you’re on stage and everyone around you is your audience. If you want to know how to stop being annoying, give others a chance to say their piece.

# Make conversation with others

Say, for example, you are at a single’s mixer or your company sent you on a business conference abroad. Just because you do not know a soul does not mean you cannot engage strangers in intelligent conversation. It is even worse if you know the people around you, but do not make an effort to speak to them.

For example, if you are meeting your boyfriend’s friends for the first time, put in the effort to fit in. First impressions count more than you think. The last thing you want is to be pegged as, “Dan’s new, annoyingly dull girlfriend.”

Whether you don’t speak the language fluently or have a firm grasp of the topic at hand, all you have to do is try.

People will appreciate the effort that you put into trying to be a part of the group. Sooner rather than later, you will move on to topics that you are comfortable with.

# Stop staring at your phone

I conducted a basic survey amongst my social media friends and asked them what annoys them when they are out with a group of people.

100% of the participants listed “people playing with their phones” as one of their peeves. If you are the sort of person who has your phone glued to you, snap out of it. Please rejoin the real world.

I know someone who stays silent as a tomb during social gatherings because she cannot seem to pull herself away from her phone. I also think she is as dull as they come and is unable to contribute to conversations anyway.

But, I digress. Either way, she does not realize how ridiculous checking social media updates and playing brain cell-blasting mobile games throughout cocktails is.

The way I see it, go right ahead when you are alone. When you are out, have some respect for those around you and pocket your phone.

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