5 Ways To Encourage Curiosity Among Kids

By: Pinki Mon, 25 May 2020 10:59:10

5 Ways To Encourage Curiosity Among Kids

One important aspect of a child growing up is his curiosity. Children are curious by default – it is what drives most of their early behaviour. Parents may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the curiosity of their children, but remember that it plays a huge role in how they grow up and how their personality develops. If channelled in the right direction, curiosity can definitely influence the lives of your children in a great manner.A curious child is nothing new in society. Children are explorative in their early years, and this means that they will try to have as many sensations and experiences as possible when they are growing up. However, what actually motivates this sense of curiosity?

Part of it is owing to the safe and sheltered setting in which most children grow up. They are curious about breaking out of the safety net that the adults around them have set up, and seek novelty in life. Therefore, parents will have to ensure a balance between safety and novelty in setting up the early stages of the life of the child.

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* Routine

Occasional changes in their daily habits can have a huge impact on the way they think since it exposes them to something new – even if it is something as small as a new bar of soap.

* Surprises

Positive surprises can go a long way in improving curiosity in children too it could be a small treasure hunt or even inviting someone for lunch by surprise.

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* Kidnap Your Child!

This is a development of the surprise action you can take a day off and get your child from school by surprise. Go on to have a good time in the outdoors, and your child will treasure it for a long time.

* Baking

Your child would definitely love cake, but would have no idea how it is made. You can bake cakes together, and the process of mixing ingredients and setting temperatures may awaken a dormant giant in their minds.

* Open-Ended Stories

Reading the same stories for your child gets boring for both parties – so why not keep them open-ended? Ask them for their opinion on how it should end, and encourage them to think of other possibilities.

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