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6 Activities To Help You Bond With And Feel Closer To The One You Love

By: Pinki Sun, 18 Sept 2022 3:43 PM

6 Activities To Help You Bond With and Feel Closer To The One You Love

That honeymoon phase of a relationship is great, isn’t it? You plan fun and exciting things to do on your dates, you talk endlessly for hours getting to know everything about each other, you want to know all the little details that make each other who you are, and everything feels so new an exciting that just being with the other person is the most exciting part.

This is how we bond with people in the beginning of a relationship. But after we settle into things more, and that initial honeymoon period is over, we sometimes forget to keep nurturing that bond. We don’t go on dates anymore, and our idea of spending time together is curled up on the sofa in our sweatpants, watching reality TV with a takeaway pizza. And don’t get me wrong, those nights can be great too, but staring at a screen every night isn’t going to help you bond with your partner.

So if you’re looking for bonding activities for couples, you’re in the right place. Check out these 6 activities to help you bond with and feel closer to the one you love.

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# Try something new

The longer you spend with someone, the more everything becomes like a routine, and the less effort we sometimes make. When was the last time you guys tried something new together? That might mean a new cuisine, a new sex position, or even a different park to go for a walk in. This will help bring back that excitement and keep your relationship feeling fresh.

# Travel

Whether you choose to explore a new city, country, or even continent—visiting new places together is a great way to broaden your horizons and create shared experiences and memories with your partner. You’ll feel alive again, because you’re seeing things for the first time, and taking a break from what has become your daily reality. Plus, it’s a great way to soak up new cultures and try delicious new foods.

activities to make close bond,couple tips,relationship tips,dating tips

# Plan regular date nights

Every Friday night, me and my partner go on a date. Sometimes that means going for a pizza at our local Italian spot and enjoying a bottle of wine, other times that means heading to a gig, or even enjoying a walk on the beach at sunset followed by an evening picnic. It doesn’t matter how busy we are, we keep ourselves free for that night each week, where we’re not focused on our laptops or phones, and we reconnect with one another. Just because you’re not “dating” anymore, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still date.

# Give back together

Pick a cause or charity that’s close to your hearts, and spend a day or a weekend doing something for other people. This will make you both feel amazing because you’re doing something meaningful, and it will bring you closer together at the same time. You’ll also walk away feeling far more grateful for what you have, and with a new perspective on your life.

activities to make close bond,couple tips,relationship tips,dating tips

# Go dancing

Pick a dance you want to learn, and head to a dance class together. This will be fun, but it also forces you to work as a team to get those steps right. And, if you opt for one of the sexier dances like the tango, you’ll also feel things hotting up pretty quickly!

# Give and receive massages

Massages not only feel amazing and are great for your body, but they also help you feel connected to your partner. You’ll be doing something caring for the one you love, by helping them to relax and unwind from the stress of the day.

Be sure to set the mood too—candles, essential oils, rose petals, romantic music, and even some chocolates will make the whole experience much more sensual and healing.

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