6 Major Signs Of One Sided Relationships

By: Kratika Fri, 27 Jan 2023 3:13:04

6 Major Signs of One Sided Relationships

Human beings love to live in denial. Why would you want to face the bitter truth when you can gaslight yourself into believing nothing’s wrong? But then again, if you truly believed nothing was wrong, you wouldn’t be here reading this article.

Let’s take a look at all the one-sided relationship signs, so you can accurately assess your dynamic and see whether it fits the bill or not.

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# Communication isn’t the best

Are there a few things in your dynamic you actively avoid talking about, fearing it would bring about the nastiest fight? Maybe your partner doesn’t even try to initiate as many conversations as you.

While you may be trying to solve the issues the relationship has through effective communication, your partner might just walk away instead, saying they don’t want to have this conversation right now.

# Are you bending over backwards for your partner?

When asked about the telltale signs of such a dynamic, Dr. Bhonsle immediately shared that you not being a priority is often the biggest indicator. “You become a butler to your partner; you’re a component of their life and not someone with an indelible influence on it,” he says.

“You end up not giving adherence to your schedule, your profession, your social life, and even family responsibilities. You ignore all these things and prioritize what your partner needs or requires,” he adds.

# No reciprocation of effort

While you’re out there trying to make sure your partner’s laundry is clean and ironed for their upcoming meeting, you’re pretty much used to them never helping you with anything when the need may arise. Granted, the effort you put in may not necessarily be so butler-esque, but you get the gist.

signs of one sided relationships,mates and me,relationship tips

# There’s a lack of mutual respect in a one-sided relationship

Does your partner shrug off your opinion like a patch of dirt? Do they interrupt you while you talk, and a conversation with them feels like it’s just them waiting so they can start talking again? A lack of mutual respect can make any couple frequent the sofa instead of the bed, and it’s a recurring theme in the dynamic in question today.

# When you feel it may end soon

Love is supposed to make you feel confident in the bond you share with your partner, not stress you out. If a text message like “Listen” from your partner has you fearing the worst, panicking until their next message hits your screen, you’re actually screaming to yourself about how fragile your bond really is. You’re always worried your partner is about to break up with you.

# A one-sided relationship may leave you more insecure

As we saw in the answer to “What causes a one-sided relationship,” insecurity is probably the leading cause. Once you’re in one and your needs are neglected, you may end up questioning your self-worth a lot more than what got you in this mess.

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