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6 Major Signs Of Unconditional Love In A Relationship

By: Neha Thu, 26 Jan 2023 6:05:10

6 Major Signs of Unconditional Love in a Relationship

When there is unconditional love between two romantic partners, their connection isn’t governed by any eligibility criteria or a relationship agreement. You wouldn’t even think about imposing any restrictions or conditions on your partner. Age, looks, and bank balance would be mere variables that won’t bother you anymore.

Mutual respect, selfless acts, complete honesty, and the power of forgiveness go hand in hand with this form of absolute love. And most importantly, the ability to handle rejection – they may not feel the same way about you, but no unkind words or refusal would ever stop you from loving them irrespective of the pain it causes you.

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# They take care of you in sickness and in health

If you are unwell or dealing with an illness, only a person who loves you genuinely and truly would go out of his/her way to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. True love isn’t only about sharing your happiness but also taking care of you when you need it the most. Your partner getting you some homemade soup garnished with warmth and affection when you’re under the weather or holding back your hair as your hurl are the simplest yet most telling unconditional love examples.

Those who stick with us even when we aren’t at our best (physically or emotionally) are our people. You know how we’re all at our ugliest and most disgraceful when we’re sick. If your partner doesn’t leave your side throughout the week you are down with flu, we think you can count on them in times of bigger setbacks.

# Them supporting your dreams is a sign of unconditional love in a relationship

No matter how different your outlooks and goals are, someone who loves you without any condition will always stand up for your causes and support your ambitions. Even if your fields of work aren’t similar, they will encourage you to follow your passions and be your top cheerleader.

Suppose, you’re in the field of financial consultancy but your partner doesn’t understand a thing about it. You have applied for a prestigious fellowship at a firm abroad. Would they be against you leaving the country or would they assure you that they have full faith in their abilities? A wise partner would choose the latter and if your significant other does the same for you, know that they are a keeper.

major signs of unconditional love in a relationship,mates and me,relationship tips

# They handle your vulnerable side

When you’re going through a rough time at the office or in your personal life and you become a complete mess, your partner doesn’t instantly start dodging your calls. They discuss the problem and help you calm your nerves and think rationally. They are always there to cheer you up after every meltdown. And therein lies the importance of unconditional love – recognizing that a relationship can’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time. In fact, it’s the rainy days that bring out the true colors of a partner.

# They forgive you if you mess up

We are all fallible and we make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are pretty serious, but unconditional love has the power to help us sail through them too. When your partner values forgiveness in a relationship and is capable of letting go of the little issues or even serious grudges, you won’t have to second-guess their feelings for you.

They love you holistically and wholeheartedly, warts and all. They accept your flaws just as they embrace the delightful aspects of your personality. They choose to forgive you for your missteps while helping you evolve into a better person. This does not give you a license to keep messing up and hurt them in the process. Show some gratitude for their presence in your life because if you lose them, you will regret it forever.

major signs of unconditional love in a relationship,mates and me,relationship tips

# They put your needs above theirs

Let’s face it. A movie date night at home is incomplete without a couple fighting over which one to watch. A partner who unconditionally loves you will first argue with you over the movie genre, but will eventually give in just to make you happy.

That’s what people do in love – they hold your needs and desires in high esteem, even ahead of their own wishes. If you are lucky enough to have someone like this in your life, make sure you return the love your partner deserves. After all, healthy relationships are all about equal reciprocation.

# They can set aside their ego and say ‘sorry’

Excessive ego and pride have no place in happy relationships. At times, you have got to ascend from that godly pedestal and accept your mistakes or at least be open to conflict resolution. Or else you’d be left to contend with a huge pile of resentment stacking up between you and your partner.

When you get into a heated argument, your partner will be the one to calm down first and try to make things right again. Even if it isn’t their fault, he/she won’t shy away from being the bigger person and apologizing to solve the problem at hand. They know that the relationship is more important than contesting over who is right or wrong. To them, being with you matters the most. Now, if their ability to set aside their ego and apologize is a quality you admire in your bae, their love for you must be absolutely wholesome.

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