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6 Tips To Help You Improve Communication In Relationship

By: Kratika Tue, 14 Mar 2023 4:03:18

6 Tips To Help You Improve Communication in Relationship

Improving communication in a relationship means strengthening the bond of the couple and enhancing the connection. Our expert suggests, “To practice effective communication in relationships, you can take a step ahead by setting a time, holding space for each other, and listening to each other one at a time. One of the healthy ways to improve communication with your partner is to speak without blaming, accusing, or triggering them intentionally.

“You should always be taking ownership of your emotions. For instance, you could say, “I feel this way” rather than saying “You make me feel this way”. You could also check your own communication style. There are three types of communication styles. You might speak from a submissive child’s ego or from a parent’s ego like “I know it all”. And as per the third style, you speak from an adult perspective where you clearly communicate the things that you feel good about and discuss all that is bothering you while asking for your partner’s help and support in finding a solution.

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# Listen as intently as you talk

Disappointingly, everybody loves to talk, but very few are willing to listen. A good conversation is about listening as intently as you talk. You might have experienced an exciting incident during your day, but if you notice that your partner’s day did not go well, put your enthusiasm aside and give your partner space to vent.

It is okay to not say anything or give any advice (unless asked for). More often than not, your significant other shares the bad moments with you for you to listen, not to get any advice. This is also a wonderful way to show that you love your partner. The formula remains the same even during an argument. Listen to the points of your partner instead of jumping into the fight and being defensive. It is important to speak, but it is just as crucial to listen with an open mind.

# Stop with the assumptions

One of the biggest hindrances in quality communication is assumption. You know our lives are extremely unpredictable and volatile. Your husband could be quiet because of a bad day at work. Your girlfriend could be late because she was stuck in traffic. Assuming the worst is only going to make you lash out unnecessarily at your partner. In fact, it can come in the way of healthy communication in a new relationship when you still don’t know much about your partner and hesitate to direct questions at them.

Being able to understand others’ situations helps you become empathetic. Empathy in a dialogue makes you a better listener, which in turn results in better communication with your partner. Eliminate all possibilities of the ‘must be’ factor in your thoughts and let your partner explain the reason for their seemingly inconsiderate behavior by themselves.

tips to help you improve communication in relationship,relationship tips,mates and me

# Be responsive in a conversation

Couples often complain about their partners not giving appropriate responses to them. You may think you are being a good listener by not talking when they are, but there is more to healthy communication than not speaking. Look into the eyes of your significant other when you’re engaged in a conversation. This would ensure respectful communication in a relationship.

Project a positive, accepting body language. Nodding, smiling, laughing, etc. are all responses of a welcoming communication. Responding non-verbally creates an open space for a person to share everything going on in their mind. Shift your focus to certain communication skills in relationships and you will be able to break the emotional barrier sooner than you expect.

# Honesty is the key

Silent treatments and lies are the two biggest culprits of the communication gap in relationships. The first step to getting rid of the gap is to be honest with yourself, and the second step is to be honest with your partner. Lying about how you feel might temporarily avert the situation, but it’s going to come back as a bigger threat in the future. For couples deeply in love, it could get uncomfortable to talk about how one really feels. However, immediate honesty is better than long-term regret.

This also means providing an open space for your lover to sincerely speak about their feelings and desires. Try to be vulnerable with your partner, and let them be vulnerable with you. It is always better to explore the potential of a relationship than to build a fort of lies. Honesty is the ultimate way to improve communication in a long-distance relationship. Otherwise, the insecurities might leave a terrible impact on both partners due to the obvious uncertainties.

tips to help you improve communication in relationship,relationship tips,mates and me

# Try to comprehend the unspoken signs

There are times when your partner will be desperately calling for help, but you might not notice it thinking they will talk about it if something is wrong. Effective communication in relationships is not only about having a discussion, but it is also about comprehending the unspoken. Learn to acknowledge your mate’s call for attention. It’s not as much about what they say, as it is about how they say it. The tone, eye contact, and body language, all speak for us more than our speech does.

Try to understand your partner’s signals like lack of eye contact – which means disinterest or shame, shaking legs – which means anxiousness, or a lost mind – which could mean disturbing thoughts. Figure out what your partner is trying to convey when their words fail them. To fix communication in a relationship and communicate better with your spouse or partner, you have to be vigilant about their body language. If you see anything amiss, have a talk at an opportune moment.

# Indulge in jokes and playfulness

A happy relationship is all about a balance between seriousness and playfulness. Keep playing fun games with your partner. Tease them lightly in a happy manner. Joke with them about something. Laughter is truly the best medicine and a couple that laughs together, stays together. Humor helps you get rid of the daily stress. It also helps couples break free from constant seriousness and frustrations. Playful jokes and a sense of humor are undeniably your best tools if you are trying to improve communication in a new relationship.

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