8 Signs That Tell He Cares Deeply About You

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8 Signs That Tell He Cares Deeply About You

When your partner doesn’t have a way with words, there may be days when you are sitting in confusion and asking the universe for signs that someone cares about you deeply, while the indicators are right in front of your eyes all along.

There are small things that, if not observed, can go unnoticed. You will feel that he doesn’t care deeply about you and he will feel like you don’t acknowledge his efforts. So before your confusion gets the better of you, here are 8 sure signs he cares deeply about you:

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# Listening attentively is a sign he cares more than you think

Even on a good day, some women can’t get their partners to pay attention to them. Generally speaking, men have the attention span of a goldfish. Thus, if he becomes big ears around you and listens to you patiently and attentively as you rant about your bitchy friend for the 100th time, it is one of the signs he cares more than you think. More than listening, if this man is actually absorbing all the information you are throwing at him, then, girl, stop worrying already because it is a one of the many signs he cares deeply about you.

One of my friends once told me how she came to know that her boyfriend cared about her. She said, “I once mentioned casually that I used to love going to the little beach hidden away on the outskirts of our town. Not a lot of people knew about the location of this beach so I was surprised when my boyfriend took us there for a picnic on our anniversary. The fact that he listened and remembered was one way of him showing me that he cared deeply about me.”

# He knows your favorite food

Knowing about your favorite food shows that he pays attention to you. If he takes you out for meals and brings you your favorite dessert from the bakery on the opposite end of the town, then it is a one of the many signs he cares deeply about you. Now, who said that only a man’s heart can be reached through food?

signs that tell he cares deeply about you,mates and me,relationship tips

# Honesty is a sign that he loves you secretly

Honesty does not come easy to all men. Most of them resort to white lies because they like their freedom too much and do not want to answer to anyone. So, when a man is being honest as a saint in front of you, it is a clear sign he loves you secretly. He feels comfortable with you and respects you enough to know that you deserve the truth. How to know he cares deeply? Notice his honesty and acknowledge it.

# Shielding you from traffic is a sign he is protective of you

A man does not always need to fight goons and save you from a supervillain to give off signs he is protective of you. Sometimes, simple gestures speak volumes. If he does not let you walk on the outer side of the road and always ensures that you walk on the sidewalk, he is practically screaming that he truly cares about you.

# He respects your boundaries

Wondering how to spot the signs that someone cares about you? Pay attention to how he reacts to your boundaries. A man who genuinely cares about you would never second-guess you, manipulate you, or try to run your life for you.

signs that tell he cares deeply about you,mates and me,relationship tips

# You make him laugh

One of the body language signs is his laughter. It is a known fact that couples who laugh together are happier and more in love than those who do not share a sense of humor. If he laughs at your jokes and shares your sense of humor, it is his way of expressing his interest in you.

Are you known for your lame sense of humor? Do your friends always get annoyed by your jokes? But this guy cannot stop laughing at them? You can count his laughter among the obvious signs.

# Trying to please you is a sign he cares deeply about you

When a man goes out of his way to please you, it is a bigger-than-the-size-of-Mount-Everest sign he cares about you more than you think. For you, he might just be a friend. But if he travels 40 miles from one end of the city to another to deliver you your favorite ice cream when you are on your period, then it means he cares a lot about you.

# He asks you about your interests

Remember when we said that one of the signs he cares for you is when he listens? (It’s the first point, start taking notes already!) Well, another sign he truly cares about you is that he not only listens, but also urges you to talk about your interests. It is his way of expressing that he wants to know more about you and your life.

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