8 Ways To Know If A Guy Is Pretending To Love You

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8 Ways to Know If a Guy is Pretending To Love You

Knowing if your boyfriend is showing signs he pretends to love you is not all that difficult. Someone who doesn’t care about you will unintentionally make it evident that he is only pretending. You may find your boyfriend to be emotionally distant, careless, and simply not bothered about you. These are some of the first signs he is pretending to love you.

When someone pretends to love you, it’s possible that the indications of it may be more visible to those around you, since your rose-tinted glasses will very effectively help you avoid all signs of trouble. Before it gets too late, however, it’s vital to spot them and figure them out. Wondering what are some sure-shot signs he’s faking his love for you? Keep reading!

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# Your relationship is hidden from all

There are men who are shy and avoid opening up in front of other people. But in most cases, this shyness does not apply to their girlfriends. A man in love will proudly tell the world (or at least his close friends) that he is in love with an incredible woman.

If your man is hiding your relationship from everybody, especially to the extent that he pretends to be just friends with you in front of his best buddies as well, then that is one of the clearest signs he’s faking his love for you.

# He avoids discussing the future with you

Let’s look at the examples of two men for this sign: Joy and Kevin. Joy is in a relationship with a woman but they have not been together long enough to be discussing their future. Nonetheless, Joy avoids discussing his other future plans regarding his work and life in general as well.

On the other hand, Kevin is two years into a relationship with his girlfriend. He shares everything about his work and life with her, but when she brings up their future, he immediately changes the topic.

# Physical intimacy seems to be his only priority

An acquaintance of mine, Natasha, has wonderful sexual chemistry with her partner. Her man really satisfies her. But when it comes to spending time together after sex, he suddenly has urgent work to attend to. The man practically disappears when it’s “that” time of the month.

Physical intimacy comes easy to him but after that, he is always emotionally distant.

You already know what we mean if you relate to this. One of the biggest signs he’s not in love with you is that he doesn’t bother to emotionally connect with you. Physical intimacy comes easy to him but he is always emotionally distant.

ways to know if a guy is pretending to love you,mates and me,relationship tips

# Date nights don’t exist in his dictionary

Getting all dressed up and going on dates? Signs he pretends to love you clearly state that your man would never do that. Going on a date means going out of the way to make you feel like he really loves you and wants to make you feel like a queen. Well, when a man shows no interest in doing something special for you, he is showing signs he is not in love with you.

So, if he suddenly remembers a work meeting or a phone call to his mother every time you suggest a date, girl, he’s a fake. In this situation, you’ll also see signs he pretends to love you through text when he won’t even be bothered to cancel your dates via a call. If he thinks texting you, “Sorry, busy. Raincheck”, is good enough to cancel your plans, he needs to be shown that it is not.

# He makes you feel like you are a burden to him

No matter the duration of your relationship, if at any given point in time your boyfriend makes you feel like you’re a pain to deal with and a big burden to carry, take it as one of the major signs he never loved you, to begin with. Run in the other direction, ’cause girl, you’re in a fake relationship!

# His relationship is only based on taking, not giving

From money to emotional dependence to physical intimacy, you feel like your boyfriend keeps taking things from you but never bothers to return the favor. It could be seemingly tiny favors such as you always cooking him dinner or getting the groceries. Yes, that is one of the signs he is not in love with you.

Men, no matter how selfish they appear to be, always have a soft corner for the ones they love and are always willing to give them the moon and the stars. This lack of giving in a relationship can be considered one of the direct signs he never loved you.

ways to know if a guy is pretending to love you,mates and me,relationship tips

# He is never there for you when you need him

You’re sick, you’ve had a bad day at work and you could use some pampering. Oh wait, he’s never there. How is it possible that anytime anything goes down with you, whether you are struggling or feeling low, he is just never there? What would you call that, if not signs he’s faking his love for you?

Most boyfriends cannot stand to see their girlfriends feeling low. They would rush to make their partner feel better in any way that they can. If your man does not even pick up your calls when you need him, take it as a relationship red flag and leave him.

# Your friends don’t seem to really like him

Your love for your boyfriend might make you blind to his flaws but your friends have their eyes wide open and observe all the signs he doesn’t miss you or love you. It is understandable that you would want to give your relationship a chance despite the apprehensions of your close ones, but if they have been warning you a lot and you can’t find any counters to their reservations, that is one of the signs he is faking his love for you.

We get it, if your friends point out why they don’t like him and why they think he’s not in it for the right reasons, you might be left asking yourself things like, “Why would someone pretend to love you? What’s the point?” The point of the whole thing only rests with him, but the reaction to being lied to rests with you. Don’t let him walk all over you.

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