9 Amazing Facts About Having A Girl Best Friend

By: Kratika Mon, 24 May 2021 5:33:08

9 Amazing Facts About Having a Girl Best Friend

What’s it like having a girl best friend? To give you an idea, it’s like a relationship without the jealousy and drama, a close sibling who constantly enables you, and like one of your bros, only in the delicate, boob-sporting form of a female.

Sure, having a crew of guy friends is fun to have around, but there are just some departments of friendship where guys lack. And in these “unmanly” matters such as feelings, fashion, and female relationships, only a girl best friend is the ideal candidate for the job.

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# Con: You and your girl best friend are always mistaken for a couple

And if it’s just you and the guys, they constantly ask if you slept with her. Being mistaken for a couple is just a fact of life for the both of you. You are well adept at answering, dodging, and explaining to the public that you’re just best friends.

Still, you relish the fact that you and your girl best friend look so good together that people assume you’re a couple.

# Another con

If you say you’re not together and are just best friends, people assume you’re gay. For some reason, you hate humanity for not accepting the fact that a man and a woman cannot be close friends without falling for the other. Because the next assumption after they realize you’re not dating is that you’re the fabulous gay best friend.

# Pro: But then, you always have a date during emergencies

Got an emergency where you need a plus one? Got an extra ticket to a concert and no one else wants to go? Did your crush turn you down to be her date on prom night? Never fear, your girl best friend gladly comes to your rescue!

# Another pro: Going out with her regularly makes you an expert on dates

You go out with her so often, you’ve collected a considerable amount of experience on how to take a girl out on a date.

facts about having a girl best friend,mates and me,having girl best friend,relationship tips

# Con: One of you becomes the third wheel in each other’s dates

On the flip side, the best friend agreement obliges you to accompany the other as a third wheel on a date as a precaution in case things get boring.

# She gets completely naked in front of you, and it’s not sexual

You just don’t think of her as a woman you’ll sleep with. From an outsider’s perspective, you look like an old married couple who lost interest in worldly desires.

She probably uses the bathroom in your presence with the door left open or changed clothes in front of you while having a casual conversation.

# Both of you are emotionally intimate

You’ve seen a side of the other’s personality that no one else sees. Especially as a man, you show your girl best friend your vulnerable side. You trust her to accept you as you are. You probably cry in front of her and spout emotional nonsense that you wouldn’t dare show any other person.

facts about having a girl best friend,mates and me,having girl best friend,relationship tips

# You’ll be her go-to guy when PMS strikes

She expects you to come at her place during the wee hours of the night with pizza and ice cream. Sometimes with a supply of tampons in case she runs out. You deal with her emotional rollercoaster while you watch 90s chick flicks on Netflix as she nurses her PMS.

# She’s often close with your family, sometimes more than you’ll ever be

Your family treats her like the daughter they never had. She is especially close to your mom who checks up on you through her. You sometimes wake up on a weekend to find her eating breakfast with your family.

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