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9 Ways How Traveling Tells You If Your Relationship Will Work Out

By: Kratika Wed, 21 Apr 2021 5:22 PM

9 Ways How Traveling Tells You if Your Relationship Will Work Out

If youíre in a new relationship and thinking your partner might be the one,ù here's why you two should take a trip to see if your hunch is right!

In any new relationship, we tend to show only our best side by acting cool, calm and collected, showing just how awesome of a person that we sometimes are.

But is it really who you are? If you are putting only your best side forward, then what about your partner? We all do things to show off, itís in our human nature. But when you start dating someone and begin thinking about the future, sooner or later, youíll both have to show your true colors.It doesnít matter if youíve been dating for 1 week or 3 months, you should travel together somewhere and I donít mean to your grandmaís house to find out the little things you may be overlooking when youíre in your home city.

Just you two, alone, on your own. Go on a road trip to California, go backpacking across Europe, or go camping in the mountains. When you do that, this is what youíll learn:

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# Organization station vs. winging it

When planning a trip somewhere, itís important to remember the basics ñ destination, clothes, food, how much money you need, etc. But itís also important to think about how you would react if your partner isnít as organized or prepared as you are.

For example, do you always check the weather before you pack for a trip? Do you usually forget to bring toothpaste? Do you have a first-aid kit? Do you usually forget to carry cash around? Do you know how to change a flat tire? What if your partner doesnít?

The way you feel about these are important to know, and when traveling, sooner or later, you will find out which ones really bother you.

# Kindness vs. rudeness

On any trip, youíre going to stop somewhere to eat, get gas, ask for directions, or take a break. An easy way to see how your partner treats others is to pay attention to how they interact with people theyíll probably never see again.

Was he rude to your waiter? Did she cuss out a little girl for crying on the airplane? Did he see someone drop money and run up to them really fast to return it? Remember, how they treat others is eventually how they may treat you.

# Following directions vs. getting lost

When traveling, youíve usually got directions to your destination whether with your GPS, map, or a mental image of the area. But just because you have a map, doesnít mean it will be right or youíll be able to read it accurately, especially if youíre in a foreign country and donít speak the language.

Itís safe to assume youíll probably get lost at one point or another, and youíll either find yourself angry, laughing, crying, or all the above. Will you be mad if she gets you two lost? Will he be okay with admitting that he didnít know the way to the fountain, after all? Again, these are little things that could be big things, and traveling brings them to the surface.

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# Emergency backup vs. oh-no-1-1

If something goes wrong on your trip, like your wallet gets stolen or thereís really bad weather, do you have a game-plan? If not, what would you do? Would you be really annoyed he didnít have a hidden stash of cash somewhere? Would you be inwardly glad that she has a backup plan for cancelled flights and stolen luggage?

How you two react towards each other during an emergency can tell you a lot about one another. It shows you how well your partner reacts to a dire situation, and it also shows you how well you two can formulate a solution while under pressure.

# Behaving vs. driving you crazy

Have you two been in the car together for over 10 hours? Does he keep making you listen to heavy metal? Do you want to listen to the Frozen soundtrack? Does it annoy you sheís been belting out every word? Are you annoyed she doesnít even know the right words but sings like she does anyway?

These are characteristics you will absolutely find out about each other when traveling, and itíll either drive you so insane you want to jump out of the car, or youíll be able to laugh it off and find another reason to fall in love with your partner.

# Comfortable vs. anything but

When traveling, youíll learn pretty quickly if you feel very comfortable around each other or if your partner has done anything that scares you. Has he done anything to make you feel uncomfortable, like punch a wall because he might have had one too many drinks? Did she start having a panic attack when things donít go according to plan? Does he open all the doors for you, and hold your hand?

When dating someone, itís very important to feel like you are safe. If you notice any red flags, pay attention to them, and ask yourself if maybe itís a sign that your partner isnít as stable as you thought they were.

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# Agree to disagree

You two may be in love, but that doesnít mean you are always going to agree on everything. Do you love cats, but he hates them? You want pizza for dinner, but she wants Mexican food? You want to go to Venice and then to Rome, but he wants to go to Rome first and then Venice?

It doesnít matter who wants to do what, but what is important is how you two figure out what you end up doing. Youíll either have a huge fight every time, or respect each other and talk it out as the two enamored adults that you are, so you can figure out a plan that you both are happy with. Just another reason why traveling helps bring out the way you two solve problems in your relationship.

# Might as well try vs. absolutely not

If sheís really adventurous and wants to go hang-gliding, but you donít, are you going to be more than happy with just watching? Or will you get upset sheís going to do it without you? Does he want you two to climb the Statue of Liberty, but since youíve already done it before, you donít want to, even though you know itís important to him?

Itís important to support each other, and just because youíve done something before, doesnít mean itís going to be the same experience. The saying, ìI want you to want to do the dishesîù is so true. Dishes are little things, but itís not about the dishes. Itís about saying, ìIíve got your back, and I want to support you.îù

If your partner isnít positive and supportive about what your interests are, itís a huge red flag telling you that theyíll probably try to stop you from doing things you want in the future.

# Are you laughing?

The most important thing when traveling *and even when not traveling* with each other is to have fun! No matter what road bumps youíve come across, what detours you had to go through, and what arguments you had to endure, you need to ask yourself, ìDid you have fun?îù

If you answer yes, then your relationship is on the right track. If you get home from traveling, and are laughing, smiling, and maybe even crying thinking about all the ridiculous things you did together, then you two are ready for so much more!

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