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Apart From Tons Of Pleasure Here Are Few Reasons To Get Intimate Daily

By: Pinki Fri, 01 June 2018 12:07:00

Apart From Tons of Pleasure Here are Few Reasons To Get Intimate Daily

Sex is not just good fun, bonding and pleasure but also great for your health. Here are five health benefits of spending some extra time between the sheets with your significant other.

* It keeps your skin young and healthy

Sex enhances blood circulation, which in turn pumps oxygen to our skin resulting in a radiant appearance. It is also found to boost our natural collagen production which slows down skin ageing and sagging.

* It reduces stress

It’s not news that indulging in a racy sex session helps you de-stress and calm down. Regular sex can keep your blood pressure balanced and stress levels low.

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* It gets rid of zits

Sex helps to balance our hormone levels, which results in clearer skin. So, instead of spending money on acne treatments and a gazillion different skin creams and pills, take some time out regularly for sex.

* It is a natural painkiller

Oxytocin released during sex increases endorphins and decreases pain, particularly headaches. Not only this, it also speeds up the healing of stubborn wounds. Doesn’t sex seem like a better idea than that ominous box of medicines?

* It boosts your immune system

Regular sex increases the production of an antibody called immunoglobulin that fights off infections like cold and cough. So more sex means a stronger immune system!

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