9 Things To Talk About When You Are Feeling Drunk

By: Pinki Mon, 10 June 2024 12:18:44

9 Things To Talk About When You are Feeling Drunk

In the adult world of dating, it’s essential to be aware of what you talk about when you're intoxicated. Unlike your teenage years, you can't just sleep off the embarrassment and headache. Your date will remember, and your friends won't let you forget your behavior.

Getting extremely drunk isn't an option; maintaining composure is vital, especially in the presence of colleagues, friends, and most importantly, your date.

While you might occasionally indulge in more drinks, the key is to manage your level of inebriation and, crucially, your words.

Firstly, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Use it as a chaser or drink some in the bathroom before fixing your makeup. Do whatever you need to stay hydrated.

Secondly, if you’ve overdone it, make your way to the bathroom and vomit if necessary. You'll know when it's time.

Finally, if you need to slow down, tell your date. This is an ideal moment to shift gears and start a new conversation.

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# Daring Adventures from Your Past

Now that you’re tipsy—or even a bit more than tipsy—sharing amusing drunk stories can be a great conversation starter. This helps your date learn something surprising about you and vice versa. Just be careful to stay sober enough to avoid sharing anything too wild!

# Amusing Work Stories

Don’t stress! Unless you're at a hangout spot frequented by colleagues, no one from work will hear you. If you’re nervous about what to discuss, this can be a fun topic. Talk about how your boss constantly mispronounces your name or how your coworker has a peculiar turnip smell. Work anecdotes are endless and can provide some sobering laughs, especially since you’ll be returning to the office soon.

# Politics

While some dread political discussions, remember, you’re tipsy! Your words are less likely to be held against you. Just avoid getting upset if your date supports a different party. Such debates can be intellectually stimulating and reveal how passionately your date argues their viewpoints.

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# Unpopular Opinions

Dive into a friendly debate about an unconventional opinion. Alcohol often emboldens people to voice their thoughts, even if they’re controversial. Encourage your date to share views that others might disagree with. It offers insight into their thinking, which is crucial if you might end up in a relationship.

# Secrets

It’s said that drunk talk is honest talk. Being tipsy doesn’t mean your date must end in intimacy. Instead, you can ask questions you’d hesitate to ask when sober. They might reveal something juicy or insightful. It’s also an opportune moment to discuss taboo topics, like sexual preferences or other intimate subjects.

# Anonymous Friends

Stories about friends can be hilarious! Just avoid sharing identifying details in case they meet later. Aim for entertaining tales about quirky behaviors, memorable events, and amusing anecdotes.

drunk conversation topics,things to discuss when tipsy,topics for tipsy conversations,expressing feelings when drunk

# Food

Food is a perfect topic for a tipsy conversation. You can discuss anything without judgment, like the salad you had for dinner or the pricey pastry you tried to recreate. Talking about food can make you both hungry, likely extending your date to satisfy your munchies. Instead of wondering what to discuss, you’ll be thinking about what to order next.

# True Feelings for Your Date

I’m not talking about mushy declarations of love but raw, honest expressions of attraction and interest. This is a great time to tell your date how much you like them, straightforwardly and without emotional baggage. It’s a good way to deepen your connection, and even if your date isn’t there yet, sharing your feelings can increase intimacy, thanks to alcohol.

# Travel Dreams and Adventures

Talking about your travel bucket list or past adventures is fantastic when you’re a bit buzzed. This conversation can virtually transport you to different parts of the world. It sparks curiosity and leads to engaging exchanges about cultures, foods, and experiences, often revealing a lot about your interests and worldviews. Plus, it’s a safe topic that’s unlikely to cause disagreements and might even inspire future trips together.

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