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Friendship Day - 5 Reasons Why You Need Friends In Your Life

By: Pinki Thu, 30 July 2020 12:52 PM

Friendship Day - 5 Reasons Why You Need Friends In Your Life

The creatures we don’t share a drop of blood with, yet hold the closest spot in our hearts. The crazy bunch of idiots who laugh shamelessly in our faces at the most embarrassing moments, yet make us strong in the tough times. The ones that call ugly and fat all our life yet get angry when someone else disrespects. The bunch of people who our parents trust more than us. In short, “Siblings from different mother.” That’s what friends are.

Friends are our family outside the closed walls of the house. They have a huge contribution in making us who we are as individuals. Their importance in life is indescribable. But these are certain points that will restate some of the facts that make friends so special and important

* Boost self-confidence

We may doubt our decisions and abilities, but our friends will never do so. Through the most nerve wreaking moments of life, they stand by us confidently making us believe in ourselves. At times we gain the confidence to take risks and huge leaps just because of the belief they show.

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* Comfort zone

Pajamas, messy buns, no makeup, drooling face, stinky sweat or running nose, they don’t care any of it! Our friends have seen us in the ugliest appearances and situations of life, and they still decided to stick by. We feel comfortable around them, and there’s nothing that can be a hurdle in this comfort level.

* Away from loneliness

Being alone, away from the world, can be appealing at times but loneliness for an extended period becomes extremely depressing. Hence, friends come as the cure for loneliness. They are our full-time companion in a stranger’s parties, receivers of the late night calls, a partner in the class benches and are always present by our sides. Imagining the world without friends, and being alone in the outside world forever is a massive pain to the brain.

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* Partner in Crime

Friends are the permanent partner in all our crimes. No matter how serious and sincere we are, our friends have pushed us to break unimaginable rules, which are engraved in our hearts as most fabulous memories. At the times of trouble, friends have stayed by our sides and shared the responsibilities with fun. They have the strange power of turning every bad moment into hilarious and memorable ones.

* Unconditional love

Our parents love us because we are their children. Our wives or husbands love us because of the marriage. Our family loves us because we share blood. However, friends love us without any such condition or relation. They unconditionally love and care for us without expectations and assurances. We get to share the most amazing kind of love and relation with friends.

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