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Had Bad Fight With Your Friend, Here Are Some Tips To Resolve It

By: Sandeep Sat, 28 Dec 2019 3:44:28

Had Bad Fight With Your Friend, Here are Some Tips To Resolve It

You cannot imagine your life without friends. It is such a wonderful relationship that cannot be expressed in words. Sometimes, friends help and support you more than your relatives. No matter how good your relationship with your friends with is, there are instances when you get into big arguments or fights with them. But it is important to understand that fight is just part of every relationship and one should not take it on his ego. For a happy and harmonious friendship, you both have to be ready to resolve the issue. Here, we have mentioned few tips to resolve with friends after fight.

* Take initiative

Although it might not be easy for you to take a step ahead to resolve the issue but you should do it. It is not appropriate to wait for the other to take initiative. Sometimes, it is possible that the matter not be resolved. So, keep your ego aside and take the initiative.

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* Forgiveness

Have a big heart and try to forgive your friend. If your friend feels sorry for his mistake then forgive him. There is no sense of holding harsh feelings for him or her. If you still hold grudges for your friend then the relationship will never get back to normal.

* Accept The Fault

When there is fight between you two then it is not only your friend who is wrong. There are instances when you are at fault but not willing to accept it. If you wish to make up with your friend then learn to admit when you are wrong.

* Be Patience

Sometimes after fight, your friend is not ready to discuss the matter. Stay calm and don't force your friend to talk that moment. Give him or her some time to come in calm state. When your friend gets ready to resolve the issue then talk to him or her.

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