Mother's Day- 5 Health Tips Every New Mom Must Swear By

By: Kratika Sat, 07 May 2022 2:50 PM

Mother's Day- 5 Health Tips Every New Mom Must Swear By

Your bundle of joy has arrived to complete your world and the new chapter mommyhood will be as overwhelming as the previous one, your pregnancy. The first year for a new mother is especially challenging as she takes baby steps in the new role of being a mum. Every day is a new day, one that brings unforeseen challenges and revelations.

Your baby will be the centre of your and your family’s attention but there’s one other person who deserves and needs as much caring – you.

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# Get as much rest as you can

You will feel exhausted after childbirth. To add to the hardships, your clock will never match the babies! They need to be fed and changed every three to four hours, so you can forget about eight hours of beauty sleep. Sleep when the baby sleeps and try and delegate other household responsibilities.

# Don’t hesitate to call the doctor

A new mother’s body is weak for the first couple of weeks. Don’t miss the doctor’s appointment to check stitches and cuts. If you experience fever, shivering, dizziness, pain, or discomfort, consult a doctor immediately. You need to be more careful in case of a C-section.

healthy living,health tips new mom health

# Focus on diet and nutrition

You will be busy taking care of your baby’s needs but don’t forget your own. It’s a myth that you need to consume lots of ghee and fat to feed your baby better. “Exercise is not going to be your priority immediately, so try to stay in good shape by watching what you eat. Contrary to what your elders tell you, stay away from excessively high caloric foods.

# Find ways to stay active

Apart from helping you lose the weight, you gained during pregnancy, staying active also beats stress. Get some exercise and step out every day even if for just a short walk. Women think that they shouldn’t be working out for six months after a Caesarean section. But that’s not true. A mum who has had normal delivery can start exercising on the first day itself and someone with a C-section after four days. You can start with breathing exercises, pelvic floor muscle exercises or low-intensity post-pregnancy exercises. But only after checking with the doctor.

healthy living,health tips new mom health

# Maintain optimum hygiene

A new mom is prone to infections that can pass on to the baby and also slow down the mother’s healing process. Pay special attention to hygiene – wash hands often, rinse your breasts after breastfeeding, and follow visitor’s hygiene because the mother and baby can pick up infections from visitors.

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