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Valentines Special- 3 Facts You Should Know About Intimacy In Relationship

By: Pinki Thu, 08 Feb 2018 1:31:58

Valentines Special- 3 Facts You Should Know About Intimacy in Relationship

It’s safe to say that one of the most important and most talked-about topics, when one speaks about love, is the importance of sex in a relationship. And it seems that it is hard to underestimate the beneficial effects of adequate sexual relations in both brief and long-term romances. However, it is also a source of a range of insecurities and possible hurdles in a relationship. So, what is the truth about the importance of sex in a relationship?

* The obvious connection

There are countless studies that associated satisfactory sexual life with happiness in a relationship. And it is also a common knowledge, one that anyone would agree with – the better the sex the happier the relationship. There are several reasons for this, some that are obvious, and some that are less apparent.

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* The nuances of the importance of sex in a relationship

As one recent study by Debrot and colleagues revealed, sex contributes to a person’s well-being on several levels. Interestingly, when compared to one’s income, having sex once a week compared to having sex less than once a month had a greater positive effect than earning $75,000 compared to $25,000 a year. These researchers attempted to find out how sex associated with life satisfaction and positive emotions. The findings might explain why sex can be both a bond that holds a couple together and a source of frustration and dissatisfaction.

* Consider honesty, equality, and good vibrations to improve your sex life

Therefore, one could conclude that to allow sex to contribute to your overall well-being and your satisfaction in a romantic relationship, you actually need to strengthen the core of the relationship. That is, the positive effect and kindness should first be nurtured before sex can fulfil its function. Otherwise, unfortunately, both sexual life and the relationship might become to crumble and lose its shine.

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