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Valentines Special- 5 Tips To Have Safe Intimate Night

By: Sandeep Sun, 28 Jan 2018 11:22:45

Valentines Special- 5 Tips To Have Safe Intimate Night

As the month of February rolls in, the pharmacies fill with chocolates, flowers and heart-shaped decorations. Clearly, Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air. Romance fills our daydreams and we begin obsessing over the perfect date night to celebrate February 14. For some, our nights may end with a good night kiss and for others, it may turn into something more. Either way, it is important to stay safe this Valentine’s Day.

* Always use a condom.You may be on birth control but remember condoms protect against STDs and STIs.

* When buying condoms, check the expiration date; like milk, condoms expire.

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* In the heat of the moment, condoms are sometimes opened too quickly, which at time tears them without us even realizing it, so take the extra time to push the condom down and tear open on the “tear here” line.

* Condoms are not only necessary for protection during vaginal sex; when engaging in oral or anal sex, condoms are a great way to stay protected from STDs and STIs.

* Get tested! Before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner, get tested so you can embark on a safe sexual journey.

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