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Tennis Match Interrupted With A Kiss

By: Pinki Mon, 24 Apr 2017 09:33:13

Tennis Match Interrupted With a Kiss

Everythings happens for the first time, and in the history of Tennis Match, that it was interrupted. All Thanx to the couple, as they got turned on at the Sarasota Open on Wednesday and started kissing each other, they forgot the level of their moan.

The passionate sounds began midway through the second set of the match between between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger.

Watch out the video to know what exactly happened.

The commentator at first, thought the sounds were coming from an adult video playing on a mobile phone in the stands.

It took him, and everyone else a while to realize that all that action was live and the sounds were being made by couple in the throes of passion in an apartment across the lake.
Frances Tiafoe, then seized the opportunity to shout out loud, “It can’t be that good!”, eliciting laughter from everyone present.

Well, it must have been, because as the match progressed, so did the passionate sighs.
Making light of what is probably the most bizarre situation ever, the commentator remarked, “At least somebody’s having a good night.”

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