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Here Brother Sister Are Allowed To Get Married To Each Other As Punishment

By: Pinki Thu, 24 May 2018 11:39:03

Here Brother Sister are Allowed To Get Married To Each Other as Punishment

There are many rituals related to marriage in different zones of the country. The tribal areas of Chhattisgarh have incredible assumptions about marriage. Here are different ways of marriage. In Dhurva tribe in Bastar region, brother is married to Fufrey sister.

The Dhurva tribe is spread across many areas including Buxar's Sukma, Jagdalpur. Dhurva youth are of high stature and are fond of coral grains and colorful ornaments.

Their traditions are also very interesting. Here marriage is not only done in the blood relationship. Often Dhurve decides the son's relationship with sister's daughter.

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If any objection arises regarding this relationship then heavy fines are imposed on him. However, while changing the urban culture reaching in the forests has influenced the traditions of this society.

In Dhurva tribe of Bastar, water is taken back as a witness.Everywhere the tree and water are worshiped. Tours do not take only the bride and groom, but the whole village joins them in the round.

Dhurva was once recognized for his bravery in Bastar. This tribe was also a victim of suppression of the British in the year 1910. Running and possession of their weapons were banned and punished in many ways.

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