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OMG! This Lady Spends Crores On Just Bathing, Know Her Ultra Rich Lifestyle

By: Pinki Tue, 27 Mar 2018 1:30 PM

OMG! This Lady Spends Crores on Just Bathing, Know Her Ultra Rich Lifestyle

This beautiful lady named as Kamaliya Zahoor is in news. She is a wife of Pakistani origin British Billionaire Mohammad Zahoor. Kamaliya is in news for her bizarre way of living a luxurious life. Kamaliya, 36, is the undisputed star of Meet The Russians, a new fly-on-the-wall documentary series which focuses on the lives and spectacular spending habits of the super-rich Russians snapping up all our best property (not to mention our football teams). You won’t believe that she spends more than a crore of rupees just on bathing.

Yes, actually she is fond of bathing with expensive champagnes to look beautiful. Kamalia who spends money like water for the sake of shower buys many bottles of worth rupees 5 thousand per day. According to reports, 22 servants are engaged in her service day and night. Kamalia’s husband spends Rs 1.94 crore annually on the salary of these servants. The couple has twin daughters, Arabella and Mirabella.

How rich are the Zahoors? Rich enough to have homes in London, Kiev, Moscow, Majorca, Dubai, Pakistan and the Cayman Islands. Oh, and a private jet – each.

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Kamaliya is 36 years old. Before marriage, Kamaliya’s name was Natalya Shamrenkova. She changed her name to Kamaliya Zahoor afterward. Kamaliya has been a model and a singer. She has also won the Mrs. World title. She was born in Ukraine and spent some of her life years so far in Russia too. While spending time in Pakistan, she has also worked in the charity program there.

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