7 Signs Of Social Anxiety To Keep An Eye On

By: Pinki Fri, 09 Apr 2021 4:50 PM

7 Signs of Social Anxiety To Keep an Eye On

Although you may have heard of social anxiety, do you know what it actually is? Like all anxieties, it is different for everyone. Some people’s social anxieties are potent around new people, while others struggle around people they see every day.

Social anxiety is more than being nervous to present something at work or go on a date. Instead, social anxiety is when those nerves are so out of control you can’t handle it. It manifests in a panic attack or a need to cancel. Social anxiety often results in avoiding social situations all together which can, in turn, create a loss of personal connection and even lead to things like depression.

Essentially, social anxiety is a fear of being social. It is one of the most common mental health problems.

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# You feel physically scared in social situations

You know that physical fear you have after just barely avoiding a car accident or going over a hill on a roller coaster? That is the feeling you experience when going to a party, a meeting, or meeting new people.

If you feel physical symptoms of that fear, like you are in danger, when you go on a date, job interview, or making small talk, this could be a very clear sign of social anxiety.

# You fear being judged by others

Social anxiety is often about how you fear others see you. You worry you’ll come off as too pretentious or too casual. You want to appear confident and carefree, but you worry constantly about what others think about how you look, dress, and act.

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# You feel dizzy and lightheaded around strangers

This can be very specific to situations where you are meeting new people like the first day at work or a friend’s wedding. Also, it can be true for you when shopping at a new location or even being in crowded spaces.

# You’re scared of being embarrassed

Embarrassment is a part of life. Although some people find it easy to laugh at themselves, someone with social anxiety will dread even something small like being clumsy or tripping. You will fear having toilet paper stuck to your shoe or food in your teeth more than most people.

It isn’t something you’re a little worried about, but have a great fear of. It can be so great you repeatedly check yourself in a mirror or don’t eat while you’re out with others in case you were to spill.

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# You have a nervous stomach

It is common to have a nervous stomach before a first date or a flight, but having this feeling before every social interaction or event you have can cause issues. Having gas, diarrhea, and just all around stomach trouble can turn you off of eating before events. This only increases your chances of having anxiety symptoms.

# You can’t catch your breath in stressful situations

This is a symptom of not just anxiety but also a panic attack. If you feel so overwhelmed in new social situations or even ones you’re used to that you feel like you could pass out, you’re sweating, and feel lightheaded or weak you could be really struggling.

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# You’re worried you might offend someone

You’re always worried you’ll say the wrong thing. You’re worried you’ll make a joke at the wrong time or say something inappropriate or not in the vibe of what’s happening. If this worry gets so out of hand that you decide to keep to yourself and not interact with others, it is a major sign of social anxiety.

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